The Gin Game

Sawadee Khrap

Saturday night, 28th, we had the pleasure of going to “The Gate Theater Group’s” presentation of “The Gin Game” at the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center – Kad Studio Theater.  We were invited by the Matchett’s to video tape the show and make a DVD for them.

“The Gate Theater Group is a not-for-profit volunteer network established for the purpose of bringing the performing arts to Chiang Mai.  Among their goals are the  development and recruitment of local talent, the encouragement of young people’s interest in theater arts, and above all the delivery of an enjoyable theatrical experience to our audiences”

Here is the program sheet:


We missed the previous presentation “The Dodo Bird” because we were out of town, glad we made this one – very, very well done.  Superb sets, acting and of course the play itself.  What a neat little theater and I didn’t even know it was there.  Not sure what a Dodo Bird is?

We took about 1.5 hours of tape and produced a DVD for them – We also took many photos – or I should say Nu took a bunch – I did the video this time.   Tried out several new procedures in making the cover and DVD itself and really pleased with the outcome, here’s what the DVD looked like:


And here are some of the images:

    *** SLIDESHOW ***


I’ll post future shows which I hope we can make  – Great for Nu as he has never seen live performances or any stage play for the matter.




Srithana College student walk – Doi Suthep

Sawadee Khrap

Today Nu and all the students started from Wat SeSoda and walked up to Doi Suthep  11 KM , 6,8 miles – a long steep climb.  I took him to Wat SeSoda at 5 AM and they reached the top and the Doi Suthep Temple about 2:30 PM.  His group – Business Computer wore blue.  Accounting, English, Marketing groups each had their own colors, and the Staff was in red. 

Here are shots of Nu’s friends:  Left to right:  Meow, Rat, Gus, Note, Mos, Nan – News, Wisney Spear, Nu – Beyongsa, News, Som 






( I tried to spell them correctly – sorry to anyone I’ve misspelled)    We have also tried to put their names in the captions in the  

SLIDESHOW  —  enjoy.

And Nu says he is really sorry that he did not get a shot of his friends “Januwarea Jolly” and “Christiana”  – He promises to get them next time.


And here’s a question for you.

“Boy” or “Girl”  ??????

What do you think ?.

I’ll give you a hint, he is in the English Group at Srithana University – on the same campus grounds as the College Nu goes to. 

He’s had a full transformation since he was 19 and is officially a Lady – no longer a Ladyboy.  No longer a boy.  Quite a beauty – isn’t she.  Last year she won the College Beauty Contest.

Some in Thailand have done the same when they were 15 and several are in school with Nu – besides the operation which makes them feel more girlish, smoother skin and faster feminine qualities, they take shots of “Progynon Depot” an injectable form of estrogen to speed things along. 

That aside:   I think you’ll agree with me that in next month’s College Beauty Contest, Nu will give them all a good run.   see his Lanna Dress sideshow posted earlier.   Watch out Girls -there’s a new kid on the block.



Chakka Massage – New Location

Sawadee Khrap

I just got back from visiting my friend’s new spa location. Wonderful !!!

Chakka1  Location, Location, Location – “Tree” has opened a new location of Chakka Massage.  Very Very nice, convenient with ample parking

 9 private rooms each complete with their own showers.

 Excellent staff of professional masseurs available and growing. (I think the boys are terrific)

 Rates to make sure you come and come again and again.

 Soon to open a roof-top garden and massage area for the ultimate outdoor, private massage experience.  This is what I’m waiting for.

You can’t miss it, the only bright red building right off Chang Khlan Rd.  (down from the Night Bazaar)

152/4 Rakang Rd.  ChangKhlan  Chiang Mai 50100 (opposite the Lanna Palace Hotel – Chiang Khlan Rd.)   053–818–456  or  086–917–6111

Tree will soon be adding a Tour & Guide service to make your stay in Chiang Mai memorable.  Leave all your worries at home. Professional escorts/masseurs, accommodations and tours arranged, surrender all your worries and see Northern Thailand.  Chakka’s excellent staff at your service.

God – it’s wonderful living in Thailand – especially Chiang Mai.



Nu’s friends at Srithana College

Sawadee Khrap


Cell phone picture Nu took of his school friends at Srithana College. Not bad for a small camera.

Starting Upper left row

Rat, Kattalin, Gus

Som, Jame, Net, Meow, Nu

and Mac in back


 Front row – Jane, Mos, Lek, Guilsa, Nitning, Pa

Tomorrow we have to get up about 4 AM so I can take him to Wat SeSota at the start of the hill to Doi Suthep.  The entire school will walk up the mountain to Doi Suthep Temple.  A Buddhist merit making activity.  They will have school excerises along the way too.  Not too sure what these will be like.  Nu will have some shots tomorrow while on the walk.

We also are looking forward to a Beauty Contest sometime next month – they will have a Girl, Ladyboy and Boy section.  They cover all three genders.  Nu will have the same lady that did his Lanna dress-up but the theme will be different – Cinderella theme I think he mentioned.   The parents will also be invited to the show and I will go and get some shots – this should be interesting.   Stay tuned.

Notice in the shot above there are 8 ladyboys, and straight Mac sitting in the back – their ninth ladyboy friend named “Oil” isn’t in the shot.  This also shows what the ratio is at the school – BEST CHEERLEADERS, VOLLEY BALL and Beauty Contest school in Thailand.  But what did you expect !!!!




Spice online & 2 Brothers Massage & Tours

Sawadee Khrap

Banner_issue35Hey, just wanted to bring your attention to SPICE MAG.  The essential guide to Thailand for men.  This latest issue is really great –   Great links: Great articles: and Great Images & Cartoons:

2 They cover Bangkok, Pattaya, Puket, Koh Samui, and of course Chiang Mai.

Listings of clubs, dining and other entertainment venues – Check it out.



Yesterday I went to War’s   2 Brothers Massage & Tour.  I’m going to help 3War with his web-site.  They offer local typical massage services but with a better twist —

They will help you arrange your total visit to Thailand, tours, bookings, and a professional escort to help you enjoy your stay.  Map-2-brother-copyGreat pricing – and very sexy hot escorts – combine that with a wonderful massage and your trip to Thailand will be more than you ever expected.  Check out their staff on the web-site.  Here is a link to the old site – War is designing a new, snappy, sophisticated design and I will post it as soon as it goes on-line.    But if your already in town – see them at:




Orential Guest House – Chiang mai

Sawadee Khrap

If you plan on visiting Chiang Mai and need a good place to stay -try the



Two Dutchman and Thai boyfriends own the place and several of our friends have stayed there and recommend it. 

Room rates are very reasonable, food is excellent and within walking distance of the Night Bazaar and moat.

gay friendly – run by gays

I’ll try and get down and take some photos – maybe, you know how busy I am – ha ha

But give it a try if you plan a visit.




Renaissance & Baroque

Sawadee Khrap

Last night we attended a dinner concert at The Spirit House here in Chiang Mai. Great dinner and show – Steve and Wanchai plan on having more in the future.  I did a post on the Spirit House sometime back.


Music of the Renaissance and Baroque: An Evening of Early Music.


Antoine Garth, Tenor

Ong Art Khanchaisak, Countertenor

Anastasia Isanina, Alto

Jonas Dept, Keyboard


Laurent Chiarelly, Guitar



Cost – 600 Baht each, US &20  for a great dinner and entertainment – We got there about 6:30 and left almost 9:30.  Look forward to new venues.

Steve from the Chiang Mail News was taking pictures and when they are shown in the Chiang Mai Online News, I’ll link them here.





Puffer revenge

Sawadee Khrap


Now here is a article that will change your mind about fish

Are they really dumb?,

Do they have feelings? 

Do they attack just to attack or do they plan their attacks?

Do they get angry ? 

How did it get the boy to take off his pants so it could get access to his balls?

Do Puffers always go for the balls – why not the throat?

Well check this out from the Bangkok Post as seen in the Koh Santepheap Daily News from Cambodia:  If you’d like to read the actual story, just down-load the Cambodian fonts and read it yourself,  in Cambodian or course:

Koh Santepheap Daily – Fishy story

It’s amazing what’s happening here in Asia – the dangers are everywhere. Many thanks to the Bangkok Post for alerting us to the lurking dangers in the Asian waters around here – without their English translation of this vicious attack – I and my readers might never have know to be on guard while swimming at the local beautiful beaches around here – Now I need to find out the Puffer season, I’m wondering if it’s the mating season that could be the most dangerous. In any event,  STAY OUT OF THE WATERS, unless of course you are wearing a steel jockstrap and cup.




Teaching Update – possible malaria

Sawadee Khrap

Just had to stop any volunteer plans until the Mayor of Chiang Mai can obtain a written authorization from the Immigration Dept that it’s OK for us farangs on Retirement Visas.  I really can see their point in protecting Thai’s jobs that would be easy for retired farangs to exploit.  The educational differences would not give the Thai work force a chance to compete. But they are really missing out on some great talent that’s just lying around – or sitting  ha ha

It’s great what Khun Boong is doing with the Chiang Mai Friends Group in trying to get this potential noticed and create a path for volunteerism with the City.  The Mayor is newly elected and very progressive – past Mayors didn’t seem to care – Thai as usual – maybe now things will change.

Anyway – I have more free time now – still many things to do so I am not bored.

Ohhhhh Ya, just took Nu to the hospital yesterday, he had all the symptoms of malaria – just a case of food poisoning.  It’s frightening they can be so similar in the early stages.  But the hospital visit, blood test and medicine was 400 Baht, $12.50 US — So you can’t afford not to go to the hospital to make sure.   Crisis over.



Always something

Sawadee Khrap

What a week so far:  Thank God the weathers cool, it would be a bitch in the heat.

First:  On Sunday night or Monday morning I should say 4:00 AM I was awaken by someone trying to open our balcony screen door — But you see we are on the 11th floor.  I turned on the lights just in time to see the guy going around the corner of the balcony to the alcove that holds the air-conditioners main unit.  We called the security but by the time they got there he had disappeared.   I then had to go to Police Station and make a report so they would have a report to investigate in the morning.  Later that morning I was asked to go to the Police Dept again to identify the boy downstairs in the lower condo from our, who had apparently confessed that he was the one.  I couldn’t believe that anyone could have climbed up that way – BUT he did, and I am sure he was the one that stoled our laptop last year and has been robbing many other units in the Condo the same way.   He told the Police that he was planning on flashing me and did not plan to steal anything —  WOW, now that’s a story – darker than shit and he was planning on flashing me, or whoever was in the condo —   Can you believe that  – it really made the Police laugh, but they said that anyone who thought that way should be put away –  

The Police had to let him go because I could not really identify him – I did not see his face just his back as he was going around the corner – Damn – they were as disappointed as I was that I could not make a solid witness.  But I’m not going to lie just to convict the kid.  They are sure he did the other robberies but can’t prove it – maybe next time if there is one.   The Condo staff wants him out now and they are going to the owner of the condo where he is staying.  I just increased the security  – motion detectors I have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Second: – I just got back from Immigration and there I was told I should not do any kind of work or volunteer work on my Retirement VISA status.  That means that the English teaching helping the Chiang Mai City if off.  The City will have to provide me with a signed release document from the Immigration Dept before I can continue.  I’m glad I went there just to check before I start anything.

But on a good note, Nu is happy in school and getting very good grades so far – we did have to get him a 2 hr. a week tutor for basic math, a Thai teacher so he doesn’t have to learn all the English right now – just the math – that should make it easier and help him to keep up with the rest of his classes and not be held back because of the lack from his earlier schools.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the weeks just starting – what can happen next – stay tuned, I’m always surprised, I’m sure you will be too.



Butterflies – Doi Inthanon Nat. park

Saturday we went to see Doi Inthanon.  It’s the highest peak in Thailand at 2590 Meters high.  Approximately 8,500 ft.  Due to all the rain (we are in Vachiratha Waterfallthe rainy season now) the top of the mountain was covered in clouds and raining, so we just had a quick bite to eat at the top and went back down – pictures next time. There are 3 main waterfalls in the Park area – This is Vachiratha Falls, about 1/2 way down the mountain.  You can’t get to the base of the falls but there is a great observation deck for tourist, of course you have to walk down a trail to get there — and when we did I discovered that my batteries were dead – this is Nu’s shot.

We didn’t stop at the other Falls this day but went on to see Mae Ya Falls at the base of the mountain on the other side.  Again the rain, so we got few pictures BUT we did pass an area with hundreds of butterflies in a river-bed area —

Butterfly-DoiIntanonSunday we went back to photograph the butterflies – Doi Inthanon is about 80 KM or 50 miles from Chiang Mai – so it’s a nice easy trip.  Just as Drum - truckyou start up road to the Falls there was a Temple having some form of celebration, lots of people and several of these big drums.  and further up is an area along the river Playing-Mae Ya riverwith food and a place for families to enjoy the day – the place was packed and these boys were cooling off in the river.  I have another image in the slide-show that shows the camping huts along the river that are available.  You can camp here overnight but I bet the mosquitos would eat you alive. At least they would me.

But here are some of the shots we got of the Butterflies – again rain so we had to stop short – next time i want to make sure we get shots of all the species there – the colors are magnificent.

***** SLIDESHOW  *****

Ohhhh ya – I forgot to mention the dog – poor thing, but it has to be one of the ugliest dogs I have see in a long time – but we felt sorry and fed it our leftovers.    Ciao


Off to School – both of us

Sawadee Khrap

Nu going to school

Here’s a shot of Nu, (actually he likes to spell it New, but he pronounces it as Nu, so I use Nu here) going to school. We now have to get up a 6 AM and he leaves about 7:30.  The school will shut it’s gates at 8 AM and send anyone home that’s late.    Strict on attendance and drugs.  This is his third day, 1st lasted till 2 PM, yesterday went till 4:30 before he got back.

So far he loves it, his class has 30 students, 4 ladyboys and 10 gay boys 4 straights boys – he didn’t mention how many lesbians make up the girls portion.    Much different than the class would have been if he went to the other school in Mae Teang. 

I’m going today to sign up for volunteer work  with the “Chiang Mai Friends Group” teaching English at Chiang Mai Municipality Office – they have over 100 employees who wish to learn English.  The new Chiang Mai City Mayor has requested, through the Expats Club and the Chiang Mai Friends Group, volunteer assistance training her staff and I can’t think of a better way to contribute to now “My” city and to bind the relationship of retired farangs and City Officials. That will take up my Thursdays.

Boong, a friend of ours, started the Chiang Mai Friends Group and runs “Boutique Travel Service” in town.  She also hosts the “Retire in Chiang Mai” website – check it out and/or planning a trip to Chiang Mai, give her a call.

So with Sunday and Wednesdays at Monk Chat and ACIM meetings and now Thursdays at the City– you can see it’s easy to find things to do – retirement is not just setting around waiting to die – or at least I won’t let it become that   since I can’t raise   ha ha.