Another Awakening

Sawadee Khrap

genesis textHere is a great inquiry into the truth  – Genesis 1-9 Outline: Two Different Gods & Promise of Deliverance/Judgment?-

She speaks so softly but with a great zeal for seeking the truth.    I had to post her work here.

Many are waking up and the truth is spreading and exposing the real content of the dream – Not to change the world BUT to change our thinking about the world and its,  and finally our, actual purpose here.

Judgement is the lock.    Forgiveness is the key.      There is no universal theology but a universal EXPERIENCE is necessary.

God Blesses          Christ Blesses         I Bless


What did He mean ????

Sawadee Khrap

What is the most often missed part of the Gospel of Christ ?   “My Kingdom is NOT of this world.” and “I and the Father are ONE.”.  Neither of which is represented in this world

Jesus spoke of Life, Spirit, Love, Inclusion, Forgiveness, Oneness, Eternal, GOD the Father or Creator.   All the attributes NOT sought in this world – ONLY IN ANOTHER KINGDOM.   

This is a kingdom of bodies, sufferings attacks, ego’s, separation, specialness, eat or be eaten, domination, division, fear, anger, judgements, sin leading finally to DEATH.  A Nightmare of edging out – GOD.

One or the Other is correct – they cannot both exist together.   Which will you choose?

But lets consider the first option of which Jesus spoke  – if it’s true,  Life is GOD and GOD is Life.   One is always One, Truth is always True, it can have no exceptions and still be forever True.  Opposites cannot exist in ONENESS – ONLY in separation, specialness or denial or ILLUSIONS or DREAMS.   For separation and specialness DEMAND and MAKE opposites.    And yet, even if this world is but a dream – a spark of  “The Divine” will always be present for it must exist in LIFE first.   Even in  a dream one cannot hide from its Creator – there will always be that faint voice reminding us of where we actually are – some call it “Our Conscience”  others “The Holy Spirit”.

As Jesus also said,  I paraphrase,   “Your father is the father of lies, he was a liar from the beginning “     A DREAMER of separation and specialness – EGO – or “self”, that idea that thinks it is unique.

What is SALVATION or ENLIGHTNMENT but merely recognizing that OUR KINGDOM is NOT of this world and we are “AS GOD CREATED US”.   Jesus shows the way –

God Blesses    Christ Blesses      I Bless