Tribute to a friend

Sawadee Khrap

Last month, Simon and I had a impromptu photo shoot with our visiting mutual friend Chris.  This is a special image I created using several Photoshop techniques.


As you all know I study ACIM and it states that the body is but a symbol of separation from God.  But it is also emphasized that it’s NEITHER   good nor evil, but merely a symbol.  That symbol, can also be used by the Holy Spirit to show the beauty and grandeur of God’s presence,  if I but look from a perspective of Sinlessness. 

A sunset, a rainbow, a nude,  These can all be opportunities to witness to God’ glory and Sonship.  As a gay man I prefer to view male bodies – how about you?   Where do you see the shining light of God’s love.

God Bless        Ciao

Dok Kaew Gardens

Sawadee Khrap

Jerry, a friend of mine , living in Dok Kaew Garden assisted living facility on McKean hospital Senior Center grounds showed me this beautiful area near his room.   What a wonderful place to meditate and relax.

This is my    16 x 16 inch digital Acrylic Oil painting.  I’ve told them to keep a room open as I plan to retire there when my roving days are over – probably fairly soon   Lol.


Wonderment & Questions

Sawadee Khrap

For years and years I have been looking up and never seeing what was actually there. 11 My vision has been clouded by industrial lighting all around the globe.

This morning my Windows Wallpaper photo above  set me back – I haven’t seen anything like this since I was a kid visiting my grandfather’s farm in rural Nebraska  – lying on my back gazing into the night sky.    That’s over 70 years ago – I HAVE BEEN BLINDED MOST OF MY LIFE by the obscuring light of the ego’s dream  world.   I haven’t  looked at the cosmos or the world with ‘non-judgmental’ clarity and  I’ve almost completely stopped asking  ‘What does this mean?   like  I used to as a child.

Now the section from my last post “The Lifting of the veil”  has even more meaning. Not only looking on each others innocence but the innocence of God’s Creation as a whole.  God’s LOVE  shining through all things.  Truly, even in this dream, there is beauty to behold.

Merry Christmas        God Bless


The Gospel–Good News

Sawadee Khrap

Here is my Theology on the meaning of Christ’s Gospel.  A Non-Dualistic view as stated in Genesis 1 of the Bible and taught by Jesus “The Christ”   What did  Jesus mean when He said  “In my Father’s house are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you”?   Consider::

  • Hindu-Advaita, Vedanta
  • Buddhist – Mahayana,Theravada, Vajrayana
  • Chinese – Taoism
  • Judaism-Kabbalah
  • Islam – Sufism
  • New Age – ACIM,    all all the other non-dualistic schools of every “Religion”

Would be glad to answer any questions. Let me know in the comments.Timeline-Projection-single


Early Owls

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from lunch with Kevin and Chart – found a GREAT new place – Early Owls.  Service was superior, ambiance was exceptional, and the food was perfect.  Located in Suan Chiang Puak behind Rajabhat University area, formally everyone called the jungle – June and Jene have opened a great small home like café. full organic in a 60 year old teak house with a beautiful landscape to enjoy with your meal.IMG_20190312_124652IMG_20190312_124040

Be sure and stop by and say hello and enjoy a wonderful quiet time and meal.


Nanee’s and The Erotic Garden

Sawadee Khrap

On March 3rd, Simon and I took a quick trip to Mae Rim and visited  2 locations.

At both places we met the owner and artist who developed the attraction.  They are located right next to each other in beautiful Mae Rim valley area.  What a day to relax and meet two wonderful people , each with inspiring stories. – Great places to visit and NOT the usual tourist traps, but unique sites of Unseen Thailand.  Seeing is believing, so I really recommend that you visit them yourself on your next trip here..




Erotic Garden:



Bristle Brushes

Sawadee Khrap

Started using the “Bristle brushes” in Photoshop for my paintings.  Much better control and effect.  This is a scene I saw on a recent trip a few weeks ago to “The Giant”  treehouse restaurant in Doi Saket, north of Chiang Mai.  A small coffee shop on the way had this display in their parking lot – just had to paint it.  Digital Acrylic Oil painting —  15 inch x 10 inch.Garden-Bike-web

P.S.   Went back with other friends yesterday and had car trouble, my 4 wheel drive unit locked up and I had to be towed back to the repair shop – still without a car so I had time to finished this painting I was working on – funny it was a scene from my last visit there – maybe a omen.


Hmong Village–Doi Pui

Sawadee Khrap

This Digital Acrylic Oil painting, 10in x 15in canvas HmoungVillage-web6is my interpretation of a great view I spotted while on a trip to visit the Hmong village at Doi Pui with Simon last week.  I particularly liked the contrast of the brilliant red poinsettias against the blue sky and the rustic building.