Speed Art – using Photoshop

Here is one of the reasons I love Photoshop – what creativity does it allow – I will be one happy camper when I can reach anywhere near this level of skill – I have the technical knowledge now but have to gain the artistic and imaginative talent for design and composition.  Shadows and perspective, balance and story telling – a lot yet to learn.


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Tribute to Khun Ball at the Venue

Sawadee Khrap

Friday night I went to the special evening performance to honor Khun Ball who recently passed away.  _MG_9912_MG_1537_MG_1219_MG_1798Here are some of the numerous images I have of Ball (that was his name shown on the marque or you may also have known him as Bon.  He was, by far, my favorite dancer – always full of energy, smiling, and I thought the highest kicker in the troupe.   Donations  collected to help out the family raised over 100,000 Baht,  – his Mother, sister and brother were there and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  Where’re going to miss him terribly and what a tragic loss.    RIP  Khun Ball.   God Bless such a warm, talented and carefree spirit.