Jerry & Art’s house near Nanoi

Sawadee Khrap

On Thursday we headed for Nanoi, or actually Ban Phut Charoen, 5 Km North and about 12 KM West of Nanoi from the Wang Sai-Nanoi highway where Jerry and Art have built their new house.  JerryArt-NanoiWe had a great easy ride over, clear weather and little traffic – but that evening it started to rain and never let up till we left on Saturday morning.  Actual coordinates are :

  • N18 22’49.0”
  • E100 40’21.0”
  • Elevation 1433 ft.

From my GPS phone. it’s very accurate for Google Earth people

The house is next to Art’s parents house and actually shares a back yard – at least Jerry has fenced and walled them together without a separating wall in between.  Art’s father looked after the building and now takes care of the yard.  Great help.IMG_7727                         Since it was raining the entire time we were there, I didn’t get a lot of pictures this time. 

On Monday, the Blessing Ceremony was to take place but we couldn’t stay because Nu had to start his English Language school on Monday.  I understand that there will be 9 Monks and probably all of the neighbors from the surrounding villages. 

Jerry hasn’t gotten the entire interior furnished yet, furniture and wall hangings – so we’ll wait till next time.  But here’s another exterior shot and one of Art’s shop.







For dinner and excitement we went to CK’s, local Nanoi bar and outdoor restaurant – Ladyboys, ladyboys – local gay hangout – great food and very lively later in the evening.  And finally I love these shots of one of Jerry’s pets I found on the banister in the morning.








Well it’s definitely country life – dark as hell when the sun goes down – but I can imagine a beautiful sky of stars at night – too bad it was clouded over or I would have tried to get a shot.

Dogs, cats and roosters are the only noises heard in the night – but all three were quite loud.   more details later:  Ha ha