Myanmar (Burma) Trip

Sawadee Khrap

Tomorrow I leave for a 4 day trip into Shan State, Myanmar with a group from Wat Suan Dok to visit 2 towns –  First Keng Tung then I think our final destination will be Mong Yang.   This is a goodwill trip by the Monk KengTung-small(Advisor) for Monk Chat –  Phra Saneh Dhammavaro.  I am told there will be at least one European with us and his Thai wife.  However the Shan tour guide may not speak English just Thai – hope that isn’t the case.  I also understand that recently there has been some border trouble with the Chinese and shooting in the border area – But I think we are far enough away from the affected area to miss that, at least I hope so.  I am told that Mong Yang is similar to what Chiang Mai used to be like 50 years ago, so I am looking for some good photos.  Anyway, start packing tomorrow and leave at 4AM Friday morning.  They tell me the hotels are air-conditioned but that also remains to be seen – everything included in the 9,000 Baht price.