Who is the “Teacher”

Sawadee Khrap

Who is the “Teacher”?   I am a teacher by my actions, I teach what I believe,  as I do only what I have faith in or proclaimed as true for myself.  HOWEVER, I CANNOT instruct or guide, That “Teacher”  is ONLY the Holy Spirit………   I need only to share my experience, strength and hopes and to listen to others as they share theirs.

It is through the voice of the Holy Spirit that I hear and learn the truth – IT teaches, through the symbols (including bodies) of this world,  the truth of God’s Created world – the release from the dream of separation – The Good News- The Gospel .

Listen, learn and Do Not Judge!   The ONLY lesson I really need to learn and develop the habit of using in all situations.  Realizing that ALL situations are really the same – The idea that I am separated from God’s Unity – and the ONLY response is ONENESS through FORGIVNESS and LOVE.  There is no hierarchy or degrees of suffering – either there is Love or a LACK of love.  Separation is merely the DENIAL of LOVE’S PRESENCE.

I cannot change the world to fit my needs – I need to change my mind about the world and watch it change for everyone’s needs.  Release my judgements that bind the world and allow the “Dreamer” to manifest reality which IS God’s LOVE.

God Bless       Ciao