Gnosis vs Orthodoxy

Sawadee Khrap

Below is a link to a great lecture.  But pay close attention to what he is saying and at the end, in part 2, of what he is actually practicing in his daily life.   Gnostics or Orthodoxy – both extreme sides of the same road.     WHICH one is right?     WHAT is the MIDDLE path?

Look, Listen, and do not judge!  See the world as a illusion of separation and specialness  – NOTHING  more and let it go.  NOT as good or evil – those are just judgements, made from my limited perspective, without ALL the facts.     Projections of specialness and separation.       Indeed:

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  (Matthew 7:13)

NOTHING is hidden, NO SECRET ESOTERIC  KNOWLEDGE  –  ALL HAS BEN REVEALED – if I but look around and see through the eyes of Christ Jesus and relinquish all judgments to HIM.

The Lost Gospel of Judas Discussed at RSE Part1,2

God Bless    Ciao

Historical Timeline

Sawadee Khrap

First, this is the best historical timeline I can find so far.  I will refer to it often in my following posts.

  1. Creation world    = 3950 BCE  Tian/Elohim = Heavenly Supreme (Love), Shang Di/Yahweh = Bringer of the law.
  2. Carbon Dating  = 3500 BCE     earliest C14 possible dating.
  3. Great flood     = 3170 BCE    Noah Ark – Gen. 7
  4. Noah in Shinar valley    3100 BCE – Ham, Japheth, Shem – Generations Noah    Gen 10
  5. Whole earth was of one language, and of one speech      Gen 11
  6. Otzi Neolithic mummy –3100 BCE   ( carbon dating) located 10,530 feet Fineil Peak, Otzal Alps, Italy
  7. Tower of Babel     = 2950 BCE  – dispersed languages   –  70 tribes    Gen. 11
  8. Royal Game of Ur  =  2500 BCE  Sumerian
  9. Oldest evidence of circumcision  2400 BCE,   bas-relief – Necropolis at Saqqara,  Egypt
  10. Chinese writing    = 2330 BCE  (Yellow Emperor-Huang Di) Shang Di (Chinese) story. (Shem’s prodigy)
  11. Hinduism(India)    = 2300 BCE
  12. Zoroastrianism =  2300 BCE   Persian
  13. Emperor Shun    = 2230 BCE   Last of the 5 Emperors.
  14. Xia Dynasty    = 2205 BCE   Emperor personally preformed Border sacrifice.
  15. Egypt founded  = 2100 BCE  Manasses
  16. Epic of Gilgamesh = 2100  BCE     Sumerian writings from Mesopotamia.
  17. Greece founded   = 2089 BCE  Eusebius of Caesarea 
  18. Abraham in Ur  =  2040-1970 BCE     Gen 12:4
  19. Melchizedek     = 2000  BCE   Abram tithes King of Salem (thought to be Shem)
  20. Isaac, Ishmael, (Jews-Arabs) = 1970 BCE
  21. Hyksos Dynasty   =  1750 – 1530 BCE
  22. Tempest Stele-Pharaoh Ahmose =  1550 BCE   great Storm in  Egypt
  23. Moses          = 1670 – 1400 BCE   Yahweh (Hebrew – Israelites) Oral story. = 1420 BCE 
  24. Santorini Eruption =  1550 BCE   Exodus plagues
  25. Moses  (Hyksos)  Exodus  =  1530-1400  BCE   Gen 16:35
  26. Alter to Heaven      1420 BCE      Chinese complex built – no idols – one Supreme God.  
  27. The Testament/Ascension of Moses    1400 BCE   2500 years after creation
  28. Israel mentioned  =    1200 BCE  Egyptian – Merneptah Stele
  29. Sea People  = 1177 BCE  Ramses III    attack of the Philistines   – Collapsed Civilization,  First Dark Ages
  30. Daoism, Taoism    = 600 BCE
  31. Buddhism (India)= 600 BCE
  32. Torah         = 600-500 BCE – modern scholars, collected during this period.
  33. Confucianism    = 500 BCE
  34. Jesus        = 3-4 AD
  35. Buddhism in China = 68 AD
  36. Muhammad Born    = 571 AD

Here are several videos on the Chinese pictograms.

Knowledge of God, Creation and Flood in China’s History and Character writing.

The God and Savior of Ancient China (Shocking!)

The Gospel Message in Chinese Characters

Note: The oral story of the flood, tower, and migration (Genesis) is told  both in both the Chinese Pictograms and Moses Myths. – but they are 750-1000 years apart.  Both cover the time from creation to the confusing of the languages and  scattering of the peoples (tribes).  They call their Gods by different names but everything else seems to be the same.   Both are monotheistic and comply to the same yearly sacrifice to their God – heifer, sheep, unblemished, killed with a spear, burnt at an alter. And both have sin and a SAVIOR  or Redeemer.  Interesting !!! 

I will explore this subject in more detail in future posts.

God Bless    Ciao

Mae Hong Song Trip–Simon

Sawadee Khrap

Avoiding Songkran here in Chiang Mai,  Simon and I headed for 2  Days 1_MaeSheThaPathanaChitChaloenPhraKiatin Pai and 2 days in Mae Hong Song.  We tried to visit “Unseen” Thailand this trip and so when arriving in Pai – 2_NextBridgePaivisited a female monk meditation area- Mae She Tha Pathana Chit Chaleon Phra Kait.  Then we went to the Memorial Bridge on the entrance to Pai with it’s unique statues.    We were very4_PoiSangLong-Pai lucky 3_PoiSangLongPai-WatSriDonChaito visit Wat Sri Don Chai in time to view their Shan – Poi Sang long Festival – great and  colorful. And while in Pai stayed at the Phaewdao Resort – very very nice. Excitement did happen as a neighbor 2 doors down from Simon’s 5_PraewdaoResort-PaiDSC04440room was robbed and the police were there investigating in the morning.  One great site, South of Pai, was this (not on the map) hot water geyser, on the side of the road.    L6_NgamtaHotel-MaeHongSongeaving Pai and on to Mae Hong Song and booked into the Ngamta Hotel, next to the lake.  From this base we explored the surrounding countryside looking for “Unseen” sites. Gravel collection site from the river by Shan people, a river-floating restaurant, burning along the side of the road, and went to visit a 106 year old Monk – but he seem to be at the Poi Sang long 7_GravelCfromRiver-8_Riverside Resturanat9_RoadSideFiresfestival in the area, so we missed him.  We did visit several more Temples 10_Wat106yoMonk11_Watonhill12_DhammagiriChildrenFoundationand a special Children’s home for Shan refugees called Dhammagiri Foundation.  Great, relaxing trip – little traffic, lots of water throwing but only in designated areas and along the roads by little children – So I have made this Slideshow of the best images – Enjoy. 

Move the deer crossing signs

Sawadee Khrap

Have to Thank Frank Morgan for pointing this emergency out so we can look for a solution – Donna saw it  – why can’t the Gov’t do anything about it?  Doesn’t anyone really care?  Is this deceit and carnage never going to stop?  Why insist the deer have to cross here?  Here’s the full  interview – click on the image to start the link.deer crossing