Nong Nooch Garden’s Culture Show

Sawadee Khrap

A friend, Ton,  was in Pattaya to celebrate his birthday, and as a gift I took him to Nong Nooch to see the Garden and Culture Show. We arrived about 10AM but I’d forgot about it being a Saturday and the _MG_0115place was well packed. – buses of tourist already there.  We went and got some drinks and at 10:30 went to the 10:45 Culture show, by that time the bleachers were filled and only a place high and in the back was _MG_0106available.   Oh well – next time down front.   I’m very glad I always carry the  200 mm lens on the camera – regular camera’s would take such tiny photos you would have difficulty seeing what was going on.  I did have to shoot about ISO 5000+  so there is a lot of grain in the shots but I think you_MG_0036 can still see with decent  clarity what the show was like – great show.


After this culture segment we then had to go to the elephant circus area – but being the last to leave the stage area we were also the  last to get seating at the elephant show – way in the back again  – not any decent views for photos, so I didn’t take any  – oh well – next time.    Now I know how to get around now.   Enjoy the show!