Srithana College student walk – Doi Suthep

Sawadee Khrap

Today Nu and all the students started from Wat SeSoda and walked up to Doi Suthep  11 KM , 6,8 miles – a long steep climb.  I took him to Wat SeSoda at 5 AM and they reached the top and the Doi Suthep Temple about 2:30 PM.  His group – Business Computer wore blue.  Accounting, English, Marketing groups each had their own colors, and the Staff was in red. 

Here are shots of Nu’s friends:  Left to right:  Meow, Rat, Gus, Note, Mos, Nan – News, Wisney Spear, Nu – Beyongsa, News, Som 






( I tried to spell them correctly – sorry to anyone I’ve misspelled)    We have also tried to put their names in the captions in the  

SLIDESHOW  —  enjoy.

And Nu says he is really sorry that he did not get a shot of his friends “Januwarea Jolly” and “Christiana”  – He promises to get them next time.


And here’s a question for you.

“Boy” or “Girl”  ??????

What do you think ?.

I’ll give you a hint, he is in the English Group at Srithana University – on the same campus grounds as the College Nu goes to. 

He’s had a full transformation since he was 19 and is officially a Lady – no longer a Ladyboy.  No longer a boy.  Quite a beauty – isn’t she.  Last year she won the College Beauty Contest.

Some in Thailand have done the same when they were 15 and several are in school with Nu – besides the operation which makes them feel more girlish, smoother skin and faster feminine qualities, they take shots of “Progynon Depot” an injectable form of estrogen to speed things along. 

That aside:   I think you’ll agree with me that in next month’s College Beauty Contest, Nu will give them all a good run.   see his Lanna Dress sideshow posted earlier.   Watch out Girls -there’s a new kid on the block.