Chiang Mai dry–Bangkok flooding

Sawadee Khrap

Our rains seemed to have stopped, cloudy but not raining at the present time, but Bangkok is getting the brunt of all the rain Thailand has had lately – and that was a lot.

Bangkok FloodingHere’s an article from the Bangkok Post into latest efforts. Very large scale flooding down there.  The only good thing I can see is that a massive spending bill will be needed to repair the damage and that should cause the value of the Baht to drop.


On another note:   I am thinking about moving to Pattaya, Jerry has been there for over 7 mo. and I visited him last week and had a great time relaxing at the beach, sipping coconut juice and watching the boys walk by.  True retirement, so I think I will join him down there. 

Several friends a coming to Chiang Mai before the New Year and I will wait till they have gone then I can go down to scout out a place to lease and get ready to move.  More entertainment venues available in Pattaya and of course only a hour bus ride to Bangkok. Consolidate and relax.