“My salvation comes from me.”

Sawadee Khrap


How can I say such a thing?   Ask any Christian, this is blasphemy, ONLY  “Christ” can save us.   Either you believe the Doctrine or you are going to hell.  Period.   Only through their church are we saved.  

They run to the Bible, but they also forget there are other Scriptures not included in the Canon edition.  These elaborate on what Jesus taught in his ministry on earth.   We cannot leave them out?   Review what he said in the Bible but also consider these.

In the Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus says: “If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you and outside of you.” “When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father. But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty, and you are poverty.”   (Thomas #3 )


Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples: “These little ones being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom.” They said to him: “Then will we enter the kingdom as little ones?” Jesus said to them: “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside and the above like the below — that is, to make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female will not be female — and when you make eyes instead of an eye and a hand instead of a hand and a foot instead of a foot, an image instead of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom].”    (Thomas # 22)

This was also the Title for my ACIM Workbook Lesson for today #70   What does this lesson actually say ?   First question I had to resolve was “Who is the ‘ME’  it’s talking about ?”.  

The ‘ME’ is the realization that we are the ‘Children of God’ or  “The Christ”‘ –  One with God and One with Christ and the Holy Spirit.   It’s THEN that we will know ourselves.   Salvation comes from this Knowledge – NOT,  that we save ourselves,  BUT rather that we DO NOT CONDMN ourselves.   View the world and everything through Christ’s VISION.  “First:  Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and Second – LOVE, [and SEE ]  your neighbor AS YOURSELF.”

Jesus says: “If the flesh came into being because of the spirit, it is a wonder. But if the spirit (came into being) because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders. Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has taken up residence in this poverty.”   (Thomas #29)

This poverty, He is speaking about , is the BODY –  We are SPIRIT, Created in he Likeness and Image of our ‘Father’ , forever ‘ONE’ with God  in Heaven.   The older brother, or family of God, the inclusive SON,  as in the Prodigal Son story..   By condemning ourselves by limiting our existence to a body, we are the ‘resident’ in poverty.  

However, We need always seek the Vision of Christ for clarity, and  say,  

“I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God Created me.”

  God Blesses      Christ Blesses        I Bless


Controversy over Ravi Zacharias

Sawadee Khrap

I cannot, or will not,  judge but I can make some observations. 

What I see happening, principally in the religious arena , is advocating the removal and condemnation of Ravi’s  videos, teachings, and ultimately his name, because of the sexual acts he is accused of doing.  Amazing Hypocrisy !!!!

If the Bible is their authority then they should immediately throw it out..  For most of the Christian theologies are focused on the teaching of Paul and he was a WOMENIZER and openly admitted it.   They seem to have forgotten that when a women, who was caught and accused of adultery,  was brought before Jesus he DID NOT CONDEMN HER but instead asked  “Whoever among you is without sin throw the first stone.”   Condemn the act – not the character.   Doesn’t this teaching apply here?

Jesus, not Paul,  further taught that ‘Do not judge,  leased you be judged’ .  And ‘Remove the beam from your eye before trying the remove the splinter from your brothers’ eye’.   “All men have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God”

As for the life of Ravi, this is the story,  of a man,  in the dream of separation from God.   The character, Ravi, was in Hell, lived in Hell, and will forever exist in the illusion or dream of Hell.  HOWEVER, the SOUL that in a schizophrenic state of mind, dreamed it was in a body, named Ravi, and separated from God, was always, IS now,  and will forever be in Heaven, ‘ONE’ with God, the only SOURCE of LIFE.    As Jesus cried out on the cross:  “Father forgive them,  they know not what they do.”

And now for the hardest part of the equation, the victim.     FORGIVENESS is the key to the Kingdom of God.    This world IS the dream or ILLUSION of victims and perpetrators.  Be it mental, physical or spiritual abuse, we are all victims and yet we are also the perpetrators.   In this case,  it’s a sexual attacker, but in life it can be a disease, perhaps a virus – does it really make a difference what attacks us?   Jesus told us to pray for our enemies.   It is our belief that maintains the illusion by our desire to judge, hence condemn.  When we judge, we become both jailor and convict and are trapped in the dream of specialness.    Leave ALL  judgement to the Holy Spirit,  forgive and find peace.

God Blesses   Christ Blesses        I Bless


Powerful Sermon from a dualistic view

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a very powerful sermon:  Understanding The Nature of The Kingdom | Dr. Myles Munroe.  Although his view or point of reference, is of a dualistic world or existence, listen very closely to it from a NON_DALISTIC  viewpoint and feel the strength in it’s message

leaders of change.

Wow !  The TRUTH is being taught on earth as it is in Heaven.   The Holy Spirit’s voice is even heard through the materialistic viewpoint of the dualistic belief in what this world is.  The idea that we are all the anointed kings of Christ’s or The Father’s Kingdom echoes throughout this sermon.

God blesses    Christ Blesses    We Bless     I Bless


This was told before – but no one listened

Sawadee Khrap

Ha Ha Ha,    This “new age” bullshit, we have been told this story in the Bible and other spiritual writings, explained in Jesus’s teachings,  expanded in ACIM,  talked about by prophets, sages, and mystics and now Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkings are only repeating the message.   They know it’s true, but still view it from a egotistic perspective, EGO, Edging God Out.     But the answer is still:    Look, Listen, and Do NOT Judge.



BUT NOT this EGOTISTIC solution, presented in this video,  which is the opposite of INCLUSION, and how to live together. This would only result in further division based on OUR preferences and not reach PEACE, or no conflict. 

God Blesses    Christ Blesses       I Bless


Is God really mad NOW !!!

Sawadee Khrap

WOW !!!   You thought the Tower of Babel’s  little fiasco was bad  – just think how mad God is now that we landed on Mars.   I guess we just have to wait and see.

But this does show a good reason to view the Bible from Genesis 1 and a Non-Dualistic explanation of the Creation, not from the myth theory of sin and the story of retaliation by God told in Genesis 2 and on ……….  Click on the image for more.

! mars

Who broke your toy ?

Have you ever asked a kid “Who broke your toy?” and got the answer “The kid up the block did, NOT ME !”     Is this an excogitation of what really is happening in this world?   Is this ‘our’ production of the Prodigal Son movie,  where the Writer, Producer and Director is ONE IN THE SAME and playing all the parts being even the supporting characters, or egos,  interacting with themselves?

Could it be the ‘Children of God’, collectively called “The Christ”, or at least part of them,  are projecting a commonly agreed story. except it’s this world of deflected guilt.  Or maybe  they just wanted to be special, in a non-dualistic Spirit Heaven , and when it didn’t happen , they made-up their own version of life,  a world of separation, denying reality,  like the kid with the toy, and insisting someone else did it – The snake, fallen Angel, or the Devil.

Impossible you think, take for example the movie “Deconstructing Harry”  (1997) Written, Directed, and Stars: Woody Allen, with a few supporting actors.  The plot; Suffering from writer’s block and eagerly awaiting his writing award, Harry Block remembers events from his past and scenes from his best-selling books as characters, real and fictional, come back to haunt him.

Or perhaps consider:  Johnson George as 45 separate roles including Mahatma Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci and Jesus Christ in Aaranu Njan  (2017). The 45 characters are recognized as the most for any actor in a single film by the Guinness Book of World Records.   and there are countless other examples.

But now consider Jesus’s BOLD statements.  Did he admitted the TRUTH for US.

“My Kingdom is not of this world!”.  The Kingdom he refers to is the Spiritual Kingdom { Father, Son, and Holy Spirit }.     I am “The Christ”, the Son of the Living God.  

  • “I am the Alpha and the Omega”  the Beginning and the End. 

    I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

  • “If they tell you that ‘Christ’  is out there, or over here, do not believe them”.     The Kingdom is within you.    When you make the outside like the inside and the inside like the outside, and the male like the female……then you will see the Kingdom before you”.   

So is a part of “The Christ Mind”  actually the dreamer, being author, producer, and director of the imaginary milieu, charged by theology,  an unreal and insane projection of  specialness and separation unto death.   The “I don’t do this to myself,  I’m always the victim” movie.   An EGOIC cinematograph, or projected dream of guilt,  fear, attack and defend, where our ego JUDGENENTS interact to determine  who and what we are.   OUR Nightmare !

Buddha selfEven in Buddhism they realize there’s an underlying self – but they attempt to only reduce the suffering to a more peaceful life.  Here’s a good YouTube video on this subject, “The Buddha on Self and Non-Self” .

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE,  and even more difficult to accept, that “I” am doing this to MYSELF.    And from ACIM – Workbook – 3. What Is the World?

Jesus said FORGIVENESS is the key.  Do not bind on earth or so it will be in heaven.  Leave judgement to the Holy Spirit.

This is similar,  but still is based on sin.  Who Is Really Being Saved? (Its Not Who You Think) 

A lot to consider. !!!!

God Blesses    Christ Blesses      I Bless


Abstract thought or REALITY itself

Sawadee Khrap

I woke up,  this morning,  with what I presumed were the normal aches and pains of a 80 year old man,   Cognizant, or living proof,  that I was ‘Frank’  in this world of bodies.   And yet I repeated to myself  “I am not  a body,  I am free.  I am still as God created me”   Just words ?  , YES ,  but the start toward remembering who I really “AM”..  

Like Neil in the Matrix movie,  I’m beginning to doubt and see that there is indeed another way to look and live.    Born , in an agreed collective thought of what this world is,  which also allows the freedom of individual egos to present a story or illusion of separated lives ending in death.   One has only to live here to see that this conditions is one of chaos centered on attack and defense.    However, it is a completely logical mindset or ethos when viewed from within,

“It is reasonable to ask how the mind could ever have made the ego.  In fact, it is the best question you could ask.  There is, however, no point in giving an answer in terms of the past because the past does not matter, and history would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the present.  Abstract thought applies to knowledge because knowledge is completely impersonal, and examples are irrelevant to its understanding.  Perception, however, is always specific, and therefore quite concrete.

Everyone makes an ego or a self for himself, which is subject to enormous variation because of its instability.  He also makes an ego for everyone else he perceives, which is equally variable.  Their interaction is a process that alters both, because they were not made by or with the Unalterable.  It is important to realize that this alteration can and does occur as readily when the interaction takes place in the mind as when it involves physical proximity.  Thinking about another ego is as effective in changing relative perception as is physical interaction.  There could be no better example that the ego is only an idea and not a fact.”           (ACIM Chapter 4 – II. The Ego and False Autonomy)

BUT thank God, there is also an outside “Ethos”  that is Christ’s Vision.    This perspective, as seen through ‘The Holy Spirit’ ,  or Love Itself,  is comprehensively opposed to the egotistic world.   Christ’s Vision, as proclaimed in the teaching of Jesus,  is a NON-DUALISTIC  Ethos or abstract reality of the basic, real, and invariable nature of God’s Creation or Kingdom.

“The Holy Spirit asks of you but this; bring to Him every secret you have locked away from Him.  Open every door to Him, and bid Him enter the darkness and lighten it away.  At your request He enters gladly.  He brings the light to darkness if you make the darkness open to Him.  But what you hide He cannot look upon.  He sees for you, and unless you look with Him He cannot see.  The vision of Christ is not for Him alone, but for Him with you.  Bring, therefore, all your dark and secret thoughts to Him, and look upon them with Him.  He holds the light, and you the darkness. They cannot coexist when both of You together look on them.  His judgment must prevail, and He will give it to you as you join your perception to His.

Joining with Him in seeing is the way in which you learn to share with Him the interpretation of perception that leads to knowledge.  You cannot see alone.  Sharing perception with Him Whom God has given you teaches you how to recognize what you see.  It is the recognition that nothing you see means anything alone.  Seeing with Him will show you that all meaning, including yours, comes not from double vision, but from the gentle fusing of everything into one meaning, one emotion and one purpose”.        (ACIM Chapter 14 – VII. Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit)

Listen to:

Jackie Evancho – The Lord’s Prayer (from Dream With Me In Concert)


God Blesses    Christ Blesses    I Bless


Heiser’s commentary on Genesis

Sawadee Khrap

Listen to Michael Heiser – From Chaos to Restoration (Part 1) and then  Dr. Michael Heiser’s interpretation for the ‘Elohim and the Divine Consul’  – Great analysis,  but as he said, it is an attempt to understand Genesis in the Judaic interpretation of the writers.   There are other religious scriptural or oral teachings, such as The Epics of Gilgamesh’,  The Heavens or Sky,  ‘Tian’ in Chinese theology, Brahma and Maya in the Hindu myths and many other ancient people’s mythos that speak of similar events, each having their own uniquely special Gods or Deity, reigning over lesser gods and human beings, specific to their own culture and language perspectives. 

HOWEVER, Jesus, is my Redeemer and Master,  and it is from His teaching that I approach theology for any understanding of God’s reality.   The first thing I noticed about his teachings was that they and he directly confronted the accepted Judean Religious leaders,  at that time,  on their understanding of their own Scriptures.   Jesus never placed emphasis on this world, indeed he proclaimed his Kingdom was NOT of this world and ‘what would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?’.   Jesus’s preeminence was in a NON_DUALISTIC view of the creation myth. “ I and the Father are ONE and so are those who believe in me”.    A Spiritual existence where Completion,  Love, Eternity, Elohim  abide.     Those who do not believe in his teachings,  view a DUALISTIC imaginary perspective of a shadowy veiled world, where separation, bodies, time and space, guilt, fear, death and their judgements [ego] rule supreme.   This is NOT the world God Created COMPLETE, and pronounced it GOOD.

A Dualistic perspective, that even modern Christianly still adheres to, is from Genesis 2 for the balance of the Bible.  This myth of the fall, is from a sin or separation  mentality.   It is simply the story of the ‘characters’,  of the dream of separation,  trying to justify themselves and this world view as reality.    Yet even here Paul the Apostle states:  “It is the Spirit that wars against God”.    Remember, “But the serpent said to the woman, ‘You will not die; for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God,  knowing good and evil.’”     In other words , have the power of judgement.   If we accept this dualistic viewpoint as our reality then we become our own accusers, jailors, and prisoners.  Rejoice !,   As Jesus said ; “I didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it”,  –  He did not come to take it from us,  if we consider it valuable, but only to be the LIGHT of TRUTH and dispel the darkness.

BUT, the strongest statement He made about this was recorded in John 11:25

 â€œJesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.  Believest thou this?”

Place your studies, and faith,  in the teachings of  Jesus  that tell us about  Our place in God’s Kingdom and how to achieve it, studying the error will not bring you PEACE.

God Blesses     Christ Blesses       I Bless


Do ‘All’ my thoughts have consequences.

Sawadee Khrap

Is it true that all my thoughts have consequences?  , YES !!!  

But lets start at the beginning, the myth,  as told in Genesis 1,  says WE were ‘ALL’  Created in the Image and Likeness of God.   A Non-Dualistic Spirit existence, ‘ONE’  with OUR CREATOR.   If this is so,  then ‘ALL’ that exists, EXISTS in the ‘MIND’ or SPIRIT of God,  or in other words  “REALITY”.   Nothing would be SPECIAL or APART, anything NOT in accord with  the Mind of God could NOT exist, it would therefore be an illusion,  a dream or nightmare of imagined existence.   A good archetype,  for this ONENESS, could be the Borg in the StarTrek series. a collective hive. so to speak.  The collective conscience would be the determiner of reality.  It would be impossible to have NEUTRAL THOUGHTS.

But lets consider,  a thought out of accord with the collective’s thought, because the power of creation is ONLY with the CREATOR, any thoughts in opposition to the collective would be NON REAL or an Illusion, or LIE.  This would also indicate a split mind, what we would call schizophrenia.    In  the “FALL”  presented in the Genesis creation myth, 1/3 of the angels rebelled from the collative mind of God, to institute the Divine Battle.    Likewise in the story of the Prodigal Son , there were two brothers, one who left and the other stayed.  And since such a split mind would have no creative power it could only re-interpret its existence in some form of the original,  in a dream world.   Any deviation from the ‘collective mind’,  beyond accepted limits,  would be  considered abnormal or delusional and medicines or therapies would be prescribed to correct the problem.

Other examples could be feelings of deja vu or have you ever had an unexpected thought come into your awareness and say to yourself  ‘Where the hell did that come from?’, SPIRITUAL SCHIZOPHRENIA. We are actually our own ‘accuser’,  then acting this out as different egoic characters,  representing both jailor and prisoner.

Jesus confirmed as much as He said, and I paraphrase, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” , “I and the Father are one, and so are you one with me.” , “If you see me you see the Father”,  “I am the Alpha and Omega.”, “No one comes to the Father except through  [the Son]  me.”, “I did not come to condemn the world but to save it.”   BUT, HE ALSO SAID “ You have heard, ’do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery.” – here looking surely implies thinking. And he also added “Whatever you bind or loose on earth (the dream world) will also be bound or loosen in heaven”. Your judgements, do indeed,  determine your world or the perspective you accept as reality.

In this world,  prayer and forgiveness are the therapies needed to correct the errors in judgement and re-unite the Sonship.   Forgiveness merely states the un-real did not happen and lets it go back to the nothingness,  hence it came.    Correction, of these judgments,  is called Salvation or the Atonement.    Errors or thoughts of separation and attack are what religions are calling sin or ‘missing the mark’.    

Therefore it’s important to remember, I am spirit, I am still as God created me. Look, Listen and Do Not Judge, Leave judgement to the Holy Spirit.

Today’s ACIM Lesson #97 reads in part:

“You are the spirit in whose mind abides the miracle in which all time stands still; the miracle in which a minute spent in using these ideas becomes a time that has no limit and that has no end. Give, then, these minutes willingly, and count on Him Who promised to lay timelessness beside them. He will offer all His strength to every little effort that you make. Give Him the minutes which He needs today, to help you understand with Him you are the spirit that abides in Him, and that calls through His Voice to every living thing; offers His sight to everyone who asks; replaces error with the simple truth.

The Holy Spirit will be glad to take five minutes of each hour from your hands, and carry them around this aching world where pain and misery appear to rule. He will not overlook one open mind that will accept the healing gifts they bring, and He will lay them everywhere He knows they will be welcome. And they will increase in healing power each time someone accepts them as his thoughts, and uses them to heal.”

Look out,  through the Vision of Christ,  to see a Redeemed “Sinless” World,   “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”     Do NOT look for sin or attacks,  for that is what you will concentrate on and overlook the Love of God.

God Blesses      Christ blesses     I Bless


Are you a split ‘ter’ ? – not spit ’ter’

Sawadee Khrap

splitterWas I shocked when I first glanced at the above question.   Of course,  my carnal mind immediately picked up the latter spelling.  As St. Paul said:

“For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!”.   (Romans 7:22)

But seriously, please forgive my bar room humor, my first thoughts are always egoic and concern the body.   After all,  this is the world of bodies and the lie or dream of separation.  It is only through faith,  in Christ’s Vision,  that will save me from this Illusion. 

The above video by Dr. Michael Heiser, speaks about the “last days”  from his dualistic theological point of view.  As he states “my theology is driving my interpretation of the Bible.”.  However, I see it differently,  from a Non-Dualistic understanding or starting point of Genesis 1.   The tiny mad idea,  that a part of God,  { The “I AM” } , can think of itself as special and above the all,  IS AN ILLUSION or dream, NOT real and does not exist..  How insane can this be that a  ‘part’  thinks it has the power of judgement and from this determine its own special creation ?.   Calling it demons, or fallen angles, doesn’t make it real.

Rest in God . Look, Listen, and Do Not Judge. and allow the Holy Spirit to judge all things for me   And YES, the man of lawlessness is my or OUR bad judgments,  the liar or accuser in the Bible.   When we all see through the “Vision of Christ” and experience the world as God created it, as proclaimed  “COMPLETED and GOOD” , THEN God can awaken US from this dream of separation and take US  into Himself.    The FINAL victory over death or Judgements is  The “Second Coming of Christ.”.    Indeed !, “the last enemy to be destroyed is death”

Here’s another YouTube video worth watching –  Peter Panagore’s NDE and Why He Regretted Coming Back    What a excellent expression of what he saw or experienced.   The EXPERIENCE is what matters, whether it’s from NDE, Meditation, Revelation or Prayer – it is the EXPERIENCE that counts and teaches us who we really are.

God Blesses    Christ Blesses      I Bless


Wow, This is revealing !!!!

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a great video on how we see.   Isn’t it surprising and  alarming that we use these senses to determine what OUR world is,  and hold fast onto to it as reality.

attention test

Almost all Religions teach that God and humans are separate beings.   The statements “I and the Father ARE ONE, as so are you”, and “The only way to the Father is through the Son.”, are expressions by Jesus from a perspective of INCLUSION,  not separation.   These are statements of the  TRUTH or NON-DUALITY of the Godhead, as openly expressed in the Scriptures,  but glossed over or ignored in Modern Christian Theology.

NON_DUALITY vrs. DUALITY of God’s  REALITY.   Is ‘monotheism” correct?    The world is awaking up to the truth.  Here are some examples of the works of Dr. Michael Heiser  on this subject.  Although he still views reality through a dualistic world perspective, as the ancient Hebrews did,  listen closely and think about Non-dualism as a realistic alternative.

  1. Divine Council
  2. Our Terminology IS NOT Adequate to Describe the God of the Bible
  3. The hidden Psalms, Psalms 91, and Strange Things in the Bible
  4. How Psalm 82 and John 10 Point to Jesus as the DESTROYER of Gods
  5. What or WHO is AZAZEL?
  6. The TRUTH about SATAN in Job!

Note: There can always be controversy in theologies    Michael Heiser Doesn’t Have the 82nd Psalm Right

The way to PEACE is to STOP the war!   Watching the latest TV News programs, one only hears that the world is going to hell,  doomsday proclaimed in every broadcast, natural disasters abound,  every day more deadly virus attacks,  religionist preachers screaming “prepare the end is near.”.   A rainy day is good or bad according to what I ask it to be – it is my JUDGEMENT, and I see what I have ask for.

Our JUDGEMENTS are the determinates of our world.  We use faulty indicators, called our senses,  to decide what we will consider good or bad, friend or foe, and all according to our egotistic perspective.    As Jesus said, “What you bind on earth will be bond in Heaven”, judge for hell and that is what you will see, and yet look through Christ’s eyes  and see a forgiven world, bright and shining as God CREATED it.   Also see ACIM  C21-11. The Responsibility for Sight

The WAR is PERCEPTION,  how do I,  or we , see the world,  so how do I find peace – Only in my mind !! .    Do not try to change the world but seek to change my mind about the world.   If I look for SIN that is all I will see, because I will overlook it’s opposite – Peace or Love itself.   But if I look through Christ’s vision I will see only LOVE and what I considered sin nothing more that a mistake that needs to be forgotten or forgiven.   “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

Look, Listen and Do Not Judge.   Look through Christ’s Vision and see a world awaking to the Love of God.  It is happening everywhere,  if we but look for it.   God is doing His part, mine and yours is only to be WILLING to let it happen and NOT to bind the world with our one-sided egotistical judgements. 

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ”   (Philippians 4:7)

God Blesses      Christ Blesses    I Bless


Today Forward – My Only Function

Sawadee Khrap

My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today
Have but one purpose; to be given Christ
To use to bless the world with miracles.

“ Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in any way that best will serve the purpose that I share with Him.  Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose.  Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end.  A while I work with Him to serve His purpose.  Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is but my Self.”      (ACIM Lesson #353)

God Blesses    Christ Blesses       I Bless


ACIM and “The Law of One” insights for the movie “Soul”

Sawadee Khrap

Here are my thoughts on Aaron’s perspective of “The Law of One” and my understanding of the “A Course In Miracles” theology as he observed in the movie “Soul”.    Since I haven’t read or seen either, the “Law” or the movie,  I will address my comments based on Aaron’s interpretation in his review.. (see my earlier post – “Disney’s Soul movie review”)

The “Miracle” I see is the EXPERIENCE he had by watching the film.  I noted the same feeling in his dialog with Damian in his video “Can We Lose The Ones We Love? // MasterClass Q&A “ which I posted before.  I had the same feeling while watching  “The Matrix” and “Avatar”.  These EXPERIENCES of wonderment and feeling of ONENESS or God’s Presence are the only valid response needed for Atonement. 

Although he mentions ACIM, the “Course” does not specifically address ideas of karma, past lives, reincarnation, astral travel, , and so on.    Nevertheless,  these concepts do seem to help develop a great Hollywood movie theme.    But, as stated in ACIM’s  : Clarification of Terms –Intro :

“This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. The means of the Atonement is forgiveness. The structure of “individual consciousness” is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the “original error” or the “original sin.”   To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. And it is just this process of overlooking at which the course aims.

All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend on belief and can therefore be accepted or rejected. A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed. Here alone consistency becomes possible because here alone uncertainty ends.

This course remains within the ego framework, where it is needed. It is not concerned with what is beyond all error because it is planned only to set the direction towards it. Therefore it uses words, which are symbolic, and cannot express what lies beyond symbols. It is merely the ego that questions because it is only the ego that doubts.”

I checked the cost for the Disney Channel for a year, about $70.   Far too expensive for me to see one movie – I guess I’ll wait till the YouTube version.     Please comment and post any movie you think inspired you.

God Blesses    Christ Blesses       I Bless


Disney’s “Soul” movie review

Sawadee Khrap

soulHere’s a review by AAron Abke on Disney’s new movie “Soul” and his take from his spiritual perspective..

Great review and some wonderful insight into the mature of Life.

Although I do differ in my understanding of what the “Truth of Salvation” and what this world is,  this review has much to consider.  A great starting point on the discussion and exploration of Spirituality.  My major difference is that I believe his teachings, like many Religions,  still try to combine and justify duality with non-duality.concepts and I will try to post a more detailed explanation of what I mean by that in the near future.   I would also love to hear your comments too.

God Blesses     Christ Blesses      I Bless



A Pointing Finger

Sawadee Khrap

pointingA pointing finger always has 3 pointing back. 

What is this really saying?   First thing that came to my mind was the Lord’s Prayer; Jesus told us to say : “May Your (God’s) Will be done. Just as it is in Heaven, so also on the earth…. and forgive US OUR sins, just as WE should forgive OUR debtors.”    BUT why would forgiving our debtor’s or brother’s sins, forgive ours?

In Creation , WE were created in the image and likeness of God – One in Spirit and Thought,  sharing equally in the Reality and Purpose of God Himself .   THEREFORE we ALL share in everything together – virtue and sin.    Judging  ONE is judging  ALL.   The ‘Power of Judgement’  is a two-edged sword.     Bless or condemn, it’s guaranteed and sealed that jailor and prisoner are both forever locked and confined together.   As Jesus told us, “Whatever you bind or loose on earth will be bound or loosened in Heaven”.

It was really brought to point in my reading for today – ACIM Chapter 25 – II. The Savior from the Dark:

“The gratitude of God Himself is freely offered to everyone who shares His purpose. It is not His Will to be alone. And neither is it yours. Forgive your brother, and you cannot separate yourself from him nor from his Father. You need no forgiveness, for the wholly pure have never sinned. Give, then, what He has given you, that you may see His Son as one, and thank his Father as He thanks you. Nor believe that all His praise is given not to you. For what you give is His, and giving it, you learn to understand His gift to you. And give the Holy Spirit what He offers unto the Father and the Son alike. Nothing has power over you except His Will and yours, which but extends His Will. It was for this you were created, and your brother with you and at one with you.

You and your brother are the same as God Himself is One, and not divided in His Will. And you must have one purpose, since He gave the same to both of you. His Will is brought together as you join in will, that you be made complete by offering completion to your brother. See not in him the sinfulness he sees, but give him honor that you may esteem yourself and him. To you and your brother is given the power of salvation, that escape from darkness into light be yours to share; that you may see as one what never has been separate, nor apart from all God’s Love as given equally.“

God Blesses      Christ Blesses       I Bless