Mimosa again

Sawadee Khrap

Went to Mimosa again last night with Mark and Pooh.   There seems to be many postings on the internet and they keep talking about the 1200 Baht foreigner entrance fee — ???    Not sure and actually I didn’t ask last night – but we were charged 50 Baht each.  Didn’t seem to make a difference if we were Thai or not.   _MG_1062Got there about 5:30 so I could have some daylight for photos, caught the end of the first show and waited for the second performance.  Great show with the “Indian fire act” -  I had heard about it last time I was there and didn’t want to miss it.  Then we went for dinner at a French restaurant, _MG_1896Dammit,  didn’t get the name, but had a great dinner  – little pricy but adequate serving size for the price.  Nice photo, I think I’ll try making a painting from it.  That’s Mark and Pooh ordering.

******* Slideshow for Shops and area *******

******* SLIDESHOW for the show *******

Note:   139 photos so make sure you have time

My favorite  was the Indian fire act, but as I usually do, I didn’t stick around to get _MG_1792-Editnames nor had enough small change to ask the girls (all the “Girls” at Mimosa are Ladyboys) for photos with them – Mark posed with one of the girls from Roi Et – but it was dark and not a good shot ( it’s in the slideshow) – I was set up for night shooting without flash, so it’s not a shot I would normally show.




As for the cost of getting in – I checked with the Mimosa Facebook page and no mention of ticket cost  – but it is now considered the start of the busy season and the pricing is still 50 Baht at the door. 

Next time I will take some 20’s and get photos of the girls.

P.S.     I have a new model coming over tomorrow – so stay tuned , should have some images to post.