Fang guestroom – Nu’s infection continues

Sawadee Khrap

FangGuesthouseNookyJust had lunch with Max – I spoke of him before in posts – he is from Germany and vacations in Thailand about twice a year.  He was telling me about his boyfriend’s (Nooky) guest-house outside of Fang.  Lovely mountain scenes and very peaceful.  I am hoping that Nu and I can drive there next week and check it out and get some pictures.  First I need to have the car checked over but I think I’ll do that on Friday or Saturday. We haven’t had a trip in a long time and it would be a nice mini vacation for us even if it’s only for a day.  Fang is north of Chiang Mai about an hour and half drive – I’ll have a map and recommendations in a future post.


Right now Nu is still not feeling well – the wisdom tooth was impacted and he is having trouble with the antibiotics – the first one they gave him attacked his stomach and raised holy hell – the last on seems to be doing the trick now but he has lost several days from school – tomorrow he will go to school but a 5 PM we will go back to the dentist for a cleaning – at lest the newer antibiotic seems to be working and not really upsetting his stomach so far – we will see tonight – Damn – nothing is really smooth – always some thing.