Shoot next Sunday – Christopher

Sawadee Khrap

We have a photo shoot planned for next Sunday, Team and I, with Christopher Ryan.   I don’t want to reveal the details yet but it will involve a elephant, river, jungle, nudity, and possible my 55bfc517c64d3Vitara.  You can find out more about Christopher at:


Christopher and I have been talking for some time about doing a outdoor shoot.  I had the stent problem and could not meet the last time he was in Chiang Mai – but he is coming back.

This time we will be able to join him and looking forward to getting some great images.

I’ll explain more after the shoot and when I post some images.


CMCC Meeting – Laos Children’s Workshop

Sawadee Khrap

Our Tue Chiang Mai Camera Club meeting went ok with the usual lack of supplies. ha ha   No Projector, No Computer – and a rain storm – BUT still we had a great meeting.  Bert, Jim and Steve (who brought a friend, I’ll talk about him in a minute) and me, of course. 

CMPGGot to talk about a lot of different photographic topics and also found out about the latest news on the CMPG’s happenings.  They have or are going to start up workshops for  Photoshop and Lightroom, and have a instructor ready – nice.  I think they are waiting for renovations to the old Tusker’s site and will continue there. Chiang Mai Photographic Group would be the place to go.  They have all the equipment and space and attendance to offer you what you want.  I am very glad to hear that the ‘management’ has stepped up to the latest software and plans to offer workshops in the future – bravo, finally grew up.  Highly recommend you check them out.

Sooooooo ….  I recommended to our group that we change our venue to a social group of expats (informal – not to compete with the CM Expats Club or CMPG ) who still want to discuss their photography and other ideas and continue to meet a Sangdee on every other Tue.  I’ll let you know what was decided when we have our next meeting.

Now back to Steve’s friend – Philip Ward and his project “The Laos Children’s Workshop’”. LaosChildrensWorkshop He told us all about his accomplishments and problems starting and developing the center.  Fascinating – He’s here trying to find equipment and resources that they are in desperate need of.  Computers, Tools, Cameras, Software, and of course money —  etc.  I’m going to help him out with tutorial software collection I have -  Check out their website and maybe you can help too – Please contact Philip  – see if you can help in any way  —-   these kids really need your help.  Help these kids develop a skill that can support them when they leave the orphanage.  Life is unimaginable in Lao when you have no education or a saleable skill but they are also considered outcast tribal boys – bleak !!!    HELP GIVE THEM A FIGHTING CHANCE.


Chiang Mai Camera Club —

Sawadee Khrap

Had our first meeting (at least the first of the meeting I will be acting moderator) last night and small attendance but of the initial key players in the forming of the club.  Went over my plan and showed some examples of the video clips on different topics.   Great input and so the next meeting will reflect the recommended agenda changes.

A.     Every other meeting will be devoted to Photo (Theme) Night – unless there is a Speaker scheduled for that evening. There is a great need to allow members to show their photos and there should be a central theme for the photos to follow that evening. General discussion and clique of the photos will be promoted so all can learn from each others view point and knowledge of techniques and post-processing procedures.

B.     Videos or clips of tutorials will be limited to no more than 10 minutes and cover only one topic for the meeting hour– that will allow more time for discussion and hands-on demos.  There will be 2 segments: 

First hour – Camera and photo equipment.  

2nd Hour – Post processing including output to printers and Web.  i.e.  Facebook, Picasa,

(Note:  As there are many different software packages for editing photos and members will be using both PC’s and Mac’s, and we can’t cover them all. – We have chosen the most popular editing software packages that work on both Mac & PC’s

Adobe Photoshop Ext  ( editing software – layers & video )

Adobe Lightroom  ( cataloging/editing program )

for the meetings and will ONLY show videos and demos on them. But, this information should be applicable to all other editors.)

C.      The Club has a Facebook account and it will be updated to reflect the changes and make announcements for up-coming meetings – I will try to add a full page, landing-page to the site and set a group tab for communication.

This all seems like a hell of a lot of work – glad I am retired –

but will also look forward to others joining in to help.  If you have a special idea we can use – step forward and we will give you meeting time to develop and mentor it.

See you at the next meeting on Aug 23rd  Sangdee Gallery


Lytro — Light Field Camera

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Brian for letting me know about this new technology.  Check out this website for Lytro Cameras.  Looks great – but how much will it cost ???.  I have mine reserved, love the ability to take a photo in low-light and at fast speed – we will see. Just click on the area you would like to see in focus – anywhere in the photo – Amazing


The Model – CMCC

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_5862-filmstripHere are some Photoshop examples I did from the Model shoot at CMCC.

Just playing around and seeing what I can do for some new ideas.  lot of stuff from PixelDesign – photos, templates, Styles,  and  Scrapbook ideas.

really nice stuff and gives me help learning design and art – I do want to start painting again and hope to have some examples to post later,

And naturally I had to play around a little bit: but I had to remove the photo because she thought it was too provocative –


Live Model at CMCC

Sawadee Khrap

At the last meeting (6/28) of the Chiang Mai Camera Club at Sangdee Gallery, we had a photo shoot with a live model.  I am working on my images and will post some of them along with the “Winners chosen by the members”  after the clubs next meeting.  But here is quick peek – Beautiful isn’t she !!




And here is shot of Brian & Steve setting up. Not a lot of room, lighting was only fluorescent, and no flash. And I was not shooting for the technical perfect exposure but just for a good shot that I could use in some new designs – I’ll post them with the Photoshop images next time.



Chiang Mai Camera Club meeting

Sawadee Khrap

It’s been a long time since the last post – not busy but lazy – But this coming Tuesday is the meeting of the Chiang Mai Camera Club at the Sangdee Gallery at 7 PM  – 17th .    Brian sent out this notice, but I thought I’d post it here too for those who may plan to attend and are not on the mailing list yet.

“Always trying to do something which will help learning I have found a very pretty model, 24 years old and experienced.
She will come to Sangdee and pose for us. The lights and backdrop will be supplied by me and it will be a great opportunity
to follow up on Johns example of lighting we did a couple of months back. (don’t worry if you weren’t there then!)

We have to pay the model 600 baht for an hours session  I propose those who wish to take photographs (maximum 6)
split the costs of 600 Baht: so if there are only 4 photographers, each would pay 150 Baht. It is not necessary to have
a smart camera. Flash wont be needed as adequate lighting will be provided. It will be fun to see the results the following
meeting .I hope someone uses a mobile phone camera!!! 

You don’t have to be a photographer to attend the meeting, you are welcome to come and watch without obligation.

Please confirm at this weeks meeting (with a payment) if you would like to photograph the model.

This meeting we will show a couple of short movies on composition and what attracts they eye in a  photograph.”

Hope to see everyone there – should be a great meeting and especially with the model –


Cm Camera Club up and running

Sawadee Khrap

The Chiang Mai Camera Club is up and running

Great start with last night’s meeting at Sangdee Gallery  – John gave a excellent discussion on lighting.  Brian brought his studio light setup and also had his Canon 5D tethered to a laptop – We could see each shot and discuss the results as we modified the lighting – great way to learn.  I think there were about 11 members there.

Next meeting is on Feb 1st, Tuesday 7PM – Sangdee Gallery on Soi 5 Sirimankhalajarn Rd. just off Nimmanhemin Rd.    Topic "’Travel photos’    Bring one of your shots to show us.  (print or file, OK)

Here are several links for Sangdee Gallery:

SangdeeIcon        Facebook Page 

  NorthernThailand write up


Remember meeting are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at Sangdee Gallery at 7 PM        Plan to be there.


Chiang Mai Camera Club

Sawadee Khrap

Announcing the new “Chiang Mai Camera Club”  meeting every 1st and 3rd Tue of each month, 7PM at “The Pub” restaurant/bar on Huay Kaew Rd. just up from the Super Highway Intersection.

The next meeting on January 4th, 2011  will have a speaker on “All about Light in Photography” -  Don’t miss it.

The club is just starting out and is in the process of determining the meeting agendas and establishing the format for meetings and workshops – everyone in invited to join and participate in discussions and topics. 

Naturally, the main topic will be “Your camera and how to use it” – from point-and-shoot to studio work.  In addition there will be time devoted to image editing and printing – i.e.  Photoshop work.

Bring a print or image file and join in the meeting critique.