A day in the Zoo

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a good one from Paul’s Sunday Funnies:

A couple of guys went for a walk in the Sydney Zoo.  They came across a gorilla and were fascinated that the gorilla had a massive erection.  One of the guys just couldn’t bear it any longer, and reach in the cage to touch it. 
The gorilla grab him, dragged him into the cage and mated with him for two hours non-stop, while the zoo attendants helplessly stood by.   When he was done, the gorilla threw the guy out of the cage.  Still alive but badly beaten and in a coma, they called an ambulance and the guy was taken away to the hospital.  A week later, after he came out of the coma, his friend visited him in the hospital and asked, ‘Are you hurt?’       ‘AM I HURT?’ he shouted;
‘Wouldn’t you be? ..he hasn’t called,..he hasn’t written..!!!!’

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