Detailed painting

Sawadee Khrap

This is my most detailed painting so far – nearly 20 hours work went into it.  Especially the detail on the walls – that was a bitch.  Every painting, or photos for that matter, should tell a Model_13_Photo_11-Edit-CC oil paint -2014 finalstory – In this one,  I left the story up to you. Who or what is he waving to – is it good bye or something else. – who’s room is this ????   many question – what do you think? 

As you can probably see, I’m having trouble doing hands – damn, just cant get them right so far – practice, practice, practice, I guess.  Too bad the initial focal point of this painting that I wanted to direct the eye  IS  the hand – I’ll do better the next time.  This is also a 20×16 Digital Acrylic Painting.  I haven’t started to explore the oil texture painting capabilities which will produce actual 3D appearing brush strokes – similar to Impasto techniques – this my next challenge.  Right now,  I,m just trying to get control of my brush techniques.  But I am getting better.