Fang Lagoon revisited again

Sawadee Khrap

Well I was fairly close to Fang last week (actually in Chiang Dao) so I decided to stop by and meet the 2 new escorts working at the Home Stay.  Soi wasn’t there but I did meet one of the new boys – Num (One). Here are some shots:  First  Khun May (owner), Eio and Num.











Num took me to see the Fang Hot Springs and naturally we had to soak a little.  I have a lot of photos from a earlier trip several years ago I took and will post then later. – beautiful place.  But here we are, or rather here’s  Num – I’m not worth photographing – ha ha:









Back to Home Stay and some shots of the local area:
























Now you know I will not show any photos of myself when there are such good looking boys there like Eio and Num – too bad Soi, Kla and the other boys weren’t here too.  Sorry Emy, I will get your photo in next time (Emy is the chef and is a vital member of the team).

And also what a great surprise, Zach, from the US was just ending his 3 day visit and told me the blog helped him choose Home Stay for his vacation and thought it was fabulous and definitely plans on coming back again.  Nice – maybe I can meet you there too.


Can you help out ??

Sawadee Khrap

My friend Brian just sent me this request to post:

Due to the recent influx of refugees in Mae Sot and other areas in Thailand recently please collect any old or new clothes and bring them to SoupaSteak Restaurant. Condition is not important, nor is size.  Children and adults clothing shoes and blankets are all very welcome. If possible the items should be clean. Any other items you may think of may also be stored there but if the item is large please call Brian first before delivery on 

086 111 77 66

SoupaSteak is located opposite the Shell Gas Station just up from Central Kad Suan Kaew on Huay Kaew Road.