Puffer revenge

Sawadee Khrap


Now here is a article that will change your mind about fish

Are they really dumb?,

Do they have feelings? 

Do they attack just to attack or do they plan their attacks?

Do they get angry ? 

How did it get the boy to take off his pants so it could get access to his balls?

Do Puffers always go for the balls – why not the throat?

Well check this out from the Bangkok Post as seen in the Koh Santepheap Daily News from Cambodia:  If you’d like to read the actual story, just down-load the Cambodian fonts and read it yourself,  in Cambodian or course:

Koh Santepheap Daily – Fishy story

It’s amazing what’s happening here in Asia – the dangers are everywhere. Many thanks to the Bangkok Post for alerting us to the lurking dangers in the Asian waters around here – without their English translation of this vicious attack – I and my readers might never have know to be on guard while swimming at the local beautiful beaches around here – Now I need to find out the Puffer season, I’m wondering if it’s the mating season that could be the most dangerous. In any event,  STAY OUT OF THE WATERS, unless of course you are wearing a steel jockstrap and cup.




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  1. Oh my!!!!! Never thought of a puffer fish attacking but, I think your idea of mating season might be the reason. I guess any animal is capable of defending it’s self when pushed to that point. I just hope the boy recovers and has a long healthy life. I’m sure his story will keep others from facing the same event. Thanks for the post!

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