Christmas Happenings

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_1078 First on Christmas night we went to dinner at Tusker’s .

We arrived early 4:30 and had a great dinner – met a few friends and then went home to watch a movie.  Here are a couple of other shot I took with my small Canon one-shot.  Sorry I was so hungry I forgot to shot the food.










Then on Saturday 27th, we went to the Ex-pats Christmas Brunch.  Our friends, Jim, Bert, Lek, Ron were at our table and again we had a great meal – I really stuffed my self, but the food was perfect and and all you could eat – .















Nu’s Update

Sawadee Khrap

Everything seems OK now – the infection of the wisdom tooth is gone and all the stitches from the extraction have been removed.  No more antibiotics are needed.  What a relief.

Nu’s Health Insurance policy has arrived and with it we went down to the hospital for the stomach check – I didn’t expect the cost would be high so we just checked in as usual – not emergency – and wow – the doctor issued medicines, apparently he has a small peptic ulcer   – 1475 Baht — standard out-patient coverage 400 Baht.  Still costing me – next time book in as an emergency – covered up to 1500 Baht.  Live and learn!

But as far as Nu is concerned – they got the stomach under control now and hopefully healing.  Two weeks on the present medicines and back next year for what we hope is a clean check up.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year.  I’ll post on our Christmas happenings next.



Fang guestroom – Nu’s infection continues

Sawadee Khrap

FangGuesthouseNookyJust had lunch with Max – I spoke of him before in posts – he is from Germany and vacations in Thailand about twice a year.  He was telling me about his boyfriend’s (Nooky) guest-house outside of Fang.  Lovely mountain scenes and very peaceful.  I am hoping that Nu and I can drive there next week and check it out and get some pictures.  First I need to have the car checked over but I think I’ll do that on Friday or Saturday. We haven’t had a trip in a long time and it would be a nice mini vacation for us even if it’s only for a day.  Fang is north of Chiang Mai about an hour and half drive – I’ll have a map and recommendations in a future post.


Right now Nu is still not feeling well – the wisdom tooth was impacted and he is having trouble with the antibiotics – the first one they gave him attacked his stomach and raised holy hell – the last on seems to be doing the trick now but he has lost several days from school – tomorrow he will go to school but a 5 PM we will go back to the dentist for a cleaning – at lest the newer antibiotic seems to be working and not really upsetting his stomach so far – we will see tonight – Damn – nothing is really smooth – always some thing.




Miss Tiffany Queen 2008

Sawadee Khrap

Here is Nu’s dream – to be “Miss Tiffany” – or at least to be able to be a contestant – he has to be 18 or older so he will have to wait till then – but as you can see by some of my earlier posts he may stand a chance of doing good.

171208_out01This year “Nong Poyd”  Treechada Malayaporn was crowned Miss Tiffany Queen 2008 in Pattaya  – Here’s the Bangkok Post article.

One thing about her that impressed me  immediately is that she is what I would say is “natural”  – not like the typical “katoey” you will find on the streets.

When Nu was in Puket, he did meet her.  Now she is Miss Tiffany – maybe he can too one day –

I’ll see if I can find additional pictures or links and add them here for you to check out.





Cable Down – Wisdom out – Democrats in

Sawadee Khrap

Just a clip from Thai-Visa.

Thank God it isn’t the cable to the States – so I still have connections, abet slower now.  It was slow before so this can be really annoying especially in the rush hours  – 8–9 AM and 4–6 PM as they route all traffic through the US cable.  They say until the New Year it could remain cut.


Anyway – Nu just had a wisdom tooth removed last night – so needless to say he is in a lot of pain today – we have ice packs on his jaw to reduce the swelling and a lot of Paracetamol.  The antibiotics are helping too.  Cost – can you believe, 2,300 Baht – $67 US – oral surgery, drugs and extraction (1 hr.) – complete with followup.

Sadly, We won’t be at the concert we were planning to film and Phillip’s party which we were set to attend later in the evening tonight, but we will be able to attend and enjoy the special Christmas dinner at Tusker’s Bar and Grill on Christmas Day.  So we are looking forward to that.


C1_8378Bangkok Post – And it also appears we may finally have some political stability here in Thailand – appears, but not certain – but a good start at least – time will tell on this.  I really wish them the best of luck – and a Great New Year of stability and change – closer to that “Justice for All” idea.



City Life Garden party

Sawadee Khrap

Well I had my picture in the local papers again – thought I’d post it here too.

Thanks Chiang Mai Mail – for the writeup.


CityLife Magazine opened its gardens on the last day of November for their 3rd ‘Garden Party’, held in aid of the Charity Rooftop Party. The event was the biggest so far, with more stalls, more visitors and more money raised than ever before.

I brought the monks from Wat Suan Dok to collect the non-sold clothes for the Lak Teang Project.  Nice article.



Great Dental work

Sawadee Khrap

My newly fitted lower plate is wonderful – great dental work and a great price. – I did have a minor infection so I have been taking some antibiotics and I am eating anything I like.

Had to take Nu to the hospital yesterday morning – stomach ache again – seem he has an infection and the checked to see if he had appendix problems – X-Ray, Ultrasound, and medicine – out patient stay for the day just to make sure and the whole thing came to just under 4000 Baht – that’s about $120.  He will have a follow up but it seems that it was a minor but annoying problem and now it’s gone.

Does piss me off a little  – we had applied for a health policy and it has not been issued yet – so I had to pay cash – damn – bad timing.  Well on we go.



Toothless for a day

Sawadee Khrap

Or almost tooth-less – yesterday I had to leave my lower plate at the dentist so he could insert a new plastic tooth to fill the gap where my bad tooth was before he pulled it today. 

Everything went without a hitch – tooth gone, denture seems to fit OK – Tylenol seems to be keeping the pain under control.  But that only leaves me with 2 teeth left – lower left side to anchor the lower plate in.  That’s the price I pay for not really taking care of them during my drinking days – now old age and close to gumming my food – not a happy thought.  But the whole thing only cost me 1400 Baht – that’s US $40 – for extraction, plate work and all followup – try that in the States.

I’m trying to impress on Nu that proper care today will save his for tomorrow – but here in Thailand the boys don’t even think of seeing a dentist until their about 21 or so and most have terrible problems and cavities – He was not an exception – the first time he saw a dentist is when I took him and he needed quite a lot of work.

So sorry I don’t have any great thing to post today –