Kitchen remodel

Sawadee Khrap

First the kitchen  – Original look – a modified semi-enclosed Thai version.  Tacked on to the back of the house – Here are some snaps of it – sorry we were also cleaning so it’s pretty messy.

San Sai - 10-7-08 028San Sai - 10-7-08 021





San Sai - 10-7-08 010San Sai - 10-7-08 009






And here are some progress shots – removing the windows and opening the kitchen to the dining room area –

San Sai - 10-7-08 037San Sai - 10-7-08 038





San Sai - 10-7-08 040San Sai - 10-7-08 041





Now that the rip out is complete, they will start to wall up the area above the sink, add a counter-top to separate the kitchen and dining area, change the doors, and build a enclose the new studio room – it will be the area where the removed doors and windows are now in the last photo –  


It is truly –  Amazing Thailand – all the above work including painting the entire inside of the house, new drapes throughout, new electric oven-gas burners-flu, new additional lighting AND finally enclosing the studio area – will cost only 120,000 Baht – less than $3,000 US.  Spread across a 5 yr lease this investment will mean I will still only pay about an average 15,000 Baht/mo or $380 US – If your gonn’a retire and keep your expenses low – consider Thailand, especially Chiang Mai (better cooler weather here –  ) 

Better photos to come as we get closer to move-in day.