Poi Sang Long from Wat Pa Pao

Sawadee Khrap

Better late than never –






Here are the photos from the Poi Sang Long celebration at Wat Pa Pao 2011 Chiang Mai. with featured photos of Wit’s Sang Long from his village group.  April 4-6, 2011  The procession started at Thapae Gate and followed the moat to Wat Pa Pao –

















And a   ****  SLIDESHOW  ****     Note: there are over 280 images so be prepared to spend some time going over the photos – Also compare with the celebration posted earlier at Wat Ku Tao.


Meet “S”

Sawadee Khrap

Just got the new camera back – Canon did not honor the warranty in Thailand so I had to pay to get it fixed – kind’a  “fucked” for what is being called a “Professional” camera.  But,  I am back to shooting again.

But I also have a lot of catch up to do of photos I have taken with the old 350D and the new lens._MG_9005-Edit

  • Poi Sang Long – Wat Pa Pao
  • Songkran at Huay Keaw Shopping Center

and photos with “S” from Bangkok. 

I’ll post the first two as soon as I get them finished, but in the meantime here are several shots of “S”.   This was a quick photo session as he was only visiting Chiang Mai for a couple of days – I quickly ran these through and now waiting for S’s reply.  He took a copy of all the images with him so he could edit them at his leisure – and I’m looking forward to seeing his Photoshop work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post them here too._MG_8733-Edit