House update and Nu’s Achievement

Sawadee Khrap

Ya- they are working on the house now — cleaning this week, a/c units have all reconditioned, septic will be checked, entire house is pest controlled on Monday.

Our Contractor has been there and the kitchen remodel and painting is ready to be started next week, drapes have been ordered – so it looks like we will be in by the 15th

I think my studio might have to wait for a few months  – money will be spent on the house first before the studio.  I will have to get some furniture, small fridge, freezer, another computer desk, misc stuff so I am not sure right now how much all that will cost.

Needless to say – all our time is spent at the place and I assume it will be this way for quite a while.  Pictures and a map will follow as things tidy up.  Finally able to settle in for the next 5 yr.


Hooray, Kudos, Congratulations — Are in Order

Nu just finished his first term at Srithana

  •  #3 in his class of 43   –    A+ grades –

now that is a amazing accomplishment. 

However, because of the house move, he will need to change to a school closer to the new house.  He has chosen to transfer to  Chiang Mai Inter Business College.  (sorry -their web-site is only in Thai)

All his credits will transfer and he will continue his business accounting curriculum. That’s great news and should make the move easier.  His friends at Srithana can still visit him at the new place and now his circle of friends will grow.  Still it’s not easy to re-root, but I know he will make the best of it.

Next week we will start looking for a motorcycle so he can get to school – school starts Nov 3rd – so thank God we have some time to find a good one and he can get his license and practice before the communing starts.

Anyway – that’s where we are now –