Still on dial up

Sawadee Khrap

I am still on Dial-Up, finally got TT&T MaxNet broadband signed up but they have yet to get a clear signal to our house.  Router worked but no Internet signal – their working on it now.

Lot has happened since the last post.  I will post on each separately in the future when the Net is back up – but for now just a teaser.

1. IMG_2542Mohammed came and left – he said this was the most memorable vacation he has ever had and was totally pleased – I’ll have some photos to show – and introduce his almost guide, Ben    I’ll explain later. 

  That’s Left to Right,

 Ben, Mohammed and Nu



2. House was completed and we started to really settle down – snaps to follow – really love the new place and have already had several friends over for dinners – really feels like home.  Everyone loves the kitchen.


3. IMG_2552Nu got a new motorcycle – a 1 yr old Honda 125 cc Wave – great buy, 6 mo warranty and 2 yr Insurance for theft and damage – for 26,000 Baht.  He got a neat “Pink” helmet too, part of the deal. 

Many thanks to our friend Robert Morgan who directed us to his friend and owner of a local Honda shop – without him we could not have found such a deal.

Now Nu is now ready to start school – Monday Nov 3rd to be exact.

Got it home and I tried it out – bad mistake – i was wearing slip-ons and about a block from the house I crashed because my shoe got stuck and I couldn’t use the brakes – couldn’t turn and went right into a curb and fence – bent the basket on the front of the bike and damn near broke my toe – nice gash and bruised but not broken.  Naturally, Nu has been riding it without problems.


4.Off to check out a Ladyboy contest tomorrow – Nu won’t be able to enter this one but we want to see how it goes, what type of talent there is, and get a good idea on what it will take to win such a contest in the future.  I’ll try to get some shots to show  – hopefully they will also have the broadband working over the weekend so I can up-load some images.