Doi Suthep–next week Doi Ang Kang

Sawadee Khrap

Made a trip to Doi Suthep with a friend, “JJ” last week end and here are some shots:IMG_1948IMG_1946IMG_1962-EditT

These are tiles for the repair of the temple roof and JJ’s family names will be embedded in it gaining merit for them.

IMG_1958JJ at Black Canyon-2-Edit

This is just a quick snap using the Galaxy A5 and then Photoshop – quality not up there but what can you expect from a mobile phone camera.

I’ll have more photos from Doi Ang Kang next week  – it’s a two day trip so should have lots of images – I’m renting a Honda City – my Mira is too small and like me getting old so I will not make it go the distance –