Loy Krathong 2013 Jomtien – Boy O Boy was I wrong

Sawadee Khrap

Boy-O-Boy, was I wrong – I just had breakfast with a friend visiting from Chiang Mai and his description of Loy Krathong at Jomtien Beach was the exact opposite of what I expected.   He, Kevin, said that this proved to be the best Loy Krathong he has ever attended since moving to Thailand – Wow – – and I stayed home and got no photos.  Damn ‘it,  I shouldn’t be so pre-judgmental and lazy.  -  just go  – if it’s bad,  don’t post  – if it’s good  then I have the images.   I hope I can learn this lesson if I want to become a true photographer.

CaptureI also missed the “Miss Mimosa” pageant held on Loy Krathong night – some lovely  girls  were there. Winner Ms. Nong Nut got 100,000 Baht.   Here’s a write up and video from “Pattaya People”.

I’m getting sloppy – sorry.