Shan New Year – Wat Ku Tao

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from an evening at Wat Ku Tao, a Shan (Thai Yai -Burmese) Temple located near Chang Puak Rd.   I was invited to go with a friend, Wit, to see the celebration for Shan New Years.  It began on Dec 6th and this was the last evening (8th).  Wow

I tried to get some shots but my camera will not take good photos in low light – Damn – I am going to get a new one after the Christmas holidays – I hope the prices will drop by then.  In any event here are a few of the shots I did manage to get.  

First was Wit, in his traditional Shan dress (rather formal): Saifah was there in great traditional Burmese dress but I could not get any shots of his outfit – he was going on stage and I missed my chance. 



Sorry for the bad quality but you can still see the outfit – the place was packed, I’s say over 3-4000 there. Great entertainment, many young men, singing, food, boys, dancing, and did I mention – boys.



I did get shots of some of the clothes for the ladies being sold there:








Again I am sorry for the terrible quality of the images – next time.  I see that Peter has posted some good shots on his site. – Radchada