The Beach can be a scary place

Sawadee Khrap

Talking to Aod and some of the other boys – the beach can be a Aod and trollsscary very scary place.  Right now it’s Low, low season and most of the farangs have gone home, just the hangers on – not sweet pickings – so give us a break when you come to visit and remember what we have to go through during the LOW season.  Be generous.


Peky’s Birthday Party

Sawadee Khrap

I really have to apologize – these are terrible photos – tried to get some night shots with my phone camera – took a few and then gave up   BUT it was a great evening – excellent food, great singers and a wonderful cabaret show at the finish.  All free, of course except for the drinks.  Peky’s Birthday at the “?” Question Mark bar in Jontiem.


Alex was there with his b/f and Ted up top his usual tricks in his Irish hair and hat wig –  that’s Degs next to him.


and Ton – a cute waiter at the bar.   We are going to do a photo shot later and should have some good images of him later.



This coming Friday there is supposed to be a “PINK” party at Jontiem Complex and I promise to take the big camera and get some shots of the evening.

Thing are really slow here now during the rainy season and many such venues are planned to get the available customers.

I have to make sure to get some shots of the boys at each bar to give you a peek at the bevy of beautiful boys here in Pattaya, especially the  Jontiem Beach area.