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frankI retired and moved to Thailand from San Francisco in 2005.  Spent the first 5 years in Chiang Mai with a partner and then moved to Pattaya – single.  Great town Chiang Mai but really a bed room community and offers little for a single person to do during the day-lite hours.  Pattaya, on the other hand, offers the beach for day time activities and relaxation, and being a tourist town, has a great number of evening venues. After 4 years I found Pattaya to be too humid for me so in late 2015 I moved back to Chiang Mai.   Since I’m older now – my ‘things to do’ list has greatly shrunk and Chiang Mai has many more club activities that I can join such as the Photographic Club, Dining Out Group, etc.  This is where I call home now.

As an artist/photographer I have been able to express my thoughts and feelings in my images and paintings.  I especially like using Photoshop and Corel Painter to enhance the images.  I enjoy creating portraits, landscapes, nudes, abstract surrealism, and videos.   I don’t think I have a special agenda and/or viewpoint to express with my art/photography,  just creating what’s in my heart.   I also love to share techniques,  so if you are have a question please don’t hesitate to send me a comment.

My path getting here was very rocky with addiction problems, uncertainty in faith  and coping with my true lifestyle.  It was through my involvement with a Twelve Step Program (AA) that true self-examination was possible and opened the door to being honest with myself and allowing God to show me direction.  That was in December of 1988.   During that time, I was also introduced to “A Course in Miracles”, a spiritual discipline that I follow today.  These two events shaped my future and my spiritual path.   Now, as a sober, openly gay man, with Jesus,  The Christ  as my Master, I try to follow the directives He gave.

For anyone struggling with similar addiction, confusion, or faith problems, I would be happy to share my experience, strength and hope.

I also hope this blog will be a help to others intending to visit or live in Thailand.  Therefore, I do spend time posting about local business’s, special places, events, and/or people that I have had direct contact with and can offer my personal recommendations.  i also post a great deal about my medical adventures here – I hope that information will benefit anyone seeking a medical vacation here.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions and hope you enjoy the Blog.

God Bless

Note: Always looking for models – if you are in Chiang Mai, comment me and we can discuss the details.


6 thoughts on “About Me”

        1. Just the one you sent me – I will check to see if I have any old ones from San Francisco, but I am not sure — Best way is to visit Chiang Mai and we can take some new ones – hehe.

  1. Hi I see your FRIENDS OF BILL, an I see were both sober the same about of time. I am not a gay man but I see so many in Chiang Mai I thought I would look at your web site. Thanks for sharing Jim

    Hi Jim Thanks for the comment – Ya it’s been about 26 years. I take it that you are living or visiting Chiang Mai – some good meetings there – I will be moving back sometime next month – I prefer the cooler climate of the North – Pattaya can get so hot and humid. I hope you find some interesting posts here and would love to have you subscribe to my updates

  2. I will planning chiangmai looks wonderful homestay , some question from me
    at the cozy house Is it possible stay with house escort joy of same bed overnight few days ?
    or only take care myself?

    Hi Junji Sorry to say that since I have been in Pattaya I have lost track of Fang HomeStay – last I heard was they were planning to open again but no time was announced – I will be moving back to Chiang Mai in about a month or so and will try to reconnect with May at the Homestay – but for now cannot give you any more information.

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