Renaissance & Baroque

Sawadee Khrap

Last night we attended a dinner concert at The Spirit House here in Chiang Mai. Great dinner and show – Steve and Wanchai plan on having more in the future.  I did a post on the Spirit House sometime back.


Music of the Renaissance and Baroque: An Evening of Early Music.


Antoine Garth, Tenor

Ong Art Khanchaisak, Countertenor

Anastasia Isanina, Alto

Jonas Dept, Keyboard


Laurent Chiarelly, Guitar



Cost – 600 Baht each, US &20  for a great dinner and entertainment – We got there about 6:30 and left almost 9:30.  Look forward to new venues.

Steve from the Chiang Mail News was taking pictures and when they are shown in the Chiang Mai Online News, I’ll link them here.





Puffer revenge

Sawadee Khrap


Now here is a article that will change your mind about fish

Are they really dumb?,

Do they have feelings? 

Do they attack just to attack or do they plan their attacks?

Do they get angry ? 

How did it get the boy to take off his pants so it could get access to his balls?

Do Puffers always go for the balls – why not the throat?

Well check this out from the Bangkok Post as seen in the Koh Santepheap Daily News from Cambodia:  If you’d like to read the actual story, just down-load the Cambodian fonts and read it yourself,  in Cambodian or course:

Koh Santepheap Daily – Fishy story

It’s amazing what’s happening here in Asia – the dangers are everywhere. Many thanks to the Bangkok Post for alerting us to the lurking dangers in the Asian waters around here – without their English translation of this vicious attack – I and my readers might never have know to be on guard while swimming at the local beautiful beaches around here – Now I need to find out the Puffer season, I’m wondering if it’s the mating season that could be the most dangerous. In any event,  STAY OUT OF THE WATERS, unless of course you are wearing a steel jockstrap and cup.




Teaching Update – possible malaria

Sawadee Khrap

Just had to stop any volunteer plans until the Mayor of Chiang Mai can obtain a written authorization from the Immigration Dept that it’s OK for us farangs on Retirement Visas.  I really can see their point in protecting Thai’s jobs that would be easy for retired farangs to exploit.  The educational differences would not give the Thai work force a chance to compete. But they are really missing out on some great talent that’s just lying around – or sitting  ha ha

It’s great what Khun Boong is doing with the Chiang Mai Friends Group in trying to get this potential noticed and create a path for volunteerism with the City.  The Mayor is newly elected and very progressive – past Mayors didn’t seem to care – Thai as usual – maybe now things will change.

Anyway – I have more free time now – still many things to do so I am not bored.

Ohhhhh Ya, just took Nu to the hospital yesterday, he had all the symptoms of malaria – just a case of food poisoning.  It’s frightening they can be so similar in the early stages.  But the hospital visit, blood test and medicine was 400 Baht, $12.50 US — So you can’t afford not to go to the hospital to make sure.   Crisis over.