Serenity and Peacefullness–Our actual state

Sawadee Khrap

Particularly during this last 3-4 weeks, since I found out about the current artery blockages, I need to thank God for showing me “A Course in Miracles”.   As always, everything I need, I have, if I but look around and ask.   I also realized, that in 1989, while driving my car in Pacifica, I must have had a minor heart attack.  I remember having a extremely sharp chest pain – didn’t last long – but it was a very sever pain similar to what I have experienced lately and so strong that I have not forgotten it.   I remember pulling over to the side of the road and waiting till I regained composure and brushed it off as bad indigestion.   That was also during the time frame of the start of my sobriety and relationship with Christ.

Today I did a quick check of todays lesson (113) at  “Pathways of Light” daily “ACIM” lessons web-page and just had to post part of it here – this is exactly how I feel.  Many are walking this path with me and it’s nice to share our thoughts.

“I definitely can see that my life is more peaceful than it was before I began studying the Course. Every year has brought me to more consistent levels of deeper peace. Yet I still experience frustration, impatience, irritation and disappointment, which shows me that I am still valuing things of this world more than my unity with Love, my one Self. The fact that I do experience more consistent peace shows me that the practice is working. It’s worth continuing the practice.
Each time I remind myself that I am one Self united with my Creator and that salvation comes from my one Self, my identification with a separate self image loosens. My attention shifts more and more strongly to the one Self that I am in truth. I am grateful for these lessons that provide a structure to help me shift my identification from the false to the true, from the conflicted to the peaceful. “

The Saga goes on – this Friday I will speak to another Heart Surgeon in Chiang Mai, who I’m told can do the operation at a rate similar to that of BKK Chulalongkorn Hospital.  If all is agreed I will probably go to Chiang Mai and have at least one stent put in.  I feel more secure having it done in CM, I’m really starting to feel alone now in BKK & Pattaya since most of my friends here have moved away – I still have many friends in CM.

Soon I’ll post the whole story for anyone who’s thinking of coming to Thailand for medical reasons ( paying from their own pocket ), so they won’t get caught up in the “Medical Tourist”  trap – great if you have it, but a nightmare if you are not insured – retired and over 70.   Still I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


GoPro Hero3+ — great new portable video camera

Sawadee Khrap

When Pat (from Ireland) was visiting Pattaya last time he purchased a GoPro Hero3+ camera.  And ever since then I have see them being advertised as the greatest mobile camera out there.GoPro 

Click on the image to see the movie

I haven’t tried one yet but plan to in the future – Pat just sent me this link to a video of the “Family Crest”  a San Francisco based Group using the GoPro’s Hero3+  –    so if your interested in making some unique movies or want a mobile camera for your car or motorcycle – check them out.  I think you can pick one up for about 15,000 Baht or $500 at Tukcom here in Pattaya.  I’m looking forward to getting some videos made by Pat with his new camera and I promise to post them – or yours if you send them to me.

Thanks Pat.


Sawatdee Pi Mai


I don’t have anything to write and intend to stay in the condo all week – going to the doctor on Thursday for check and to find out when we can have the operation, meanwhile resting.

GayinChiangmaiSooooo,  I grabbed the heading from Peter’s great website   “Gay In Chiang Mai”   Make sure you check out his posting on things to do for the holiday in Chiang Mai and you can also check with NIcky’s Gay Thailand for venues in Bkk, Pattaya, Phuket, and so on.

So I hope you all have a great WET, SAFE and HAPPY Thai New Year week.   See you next year.


Trouble in Paridise – BUT – doesn’t water skiing look like fun

Sawadee Khrap

Very glad Dan asked me if I wanted to go see the Cable Skiing yesterday – it’s getting really boring staying home in the condo with very little to do – waiting for the next doctor appointment to see what is going to happen.  I really want to thank all of you who offered to help in some way after I sent out my cry for help, especially financially if needed  – that took a big load off my mind and helped getting my BP back in check.   It’s always the ones you don’t expect to help that come through and the ones you think would be there are staying in the background.  But, such is life I guess.

First, I was overcome by the cost that they told me for putting in the stent – after I went through all that mess about the CAT test cost – now this -   Again I find this hard to believe that 400,000 B is the usual cost for stent placement – that would be out of the question for an average Thai – so I have been checking with local BKK Gov’t hospitals (should be about 1/3 the cost they told me at BKK Pattaya) like King Chulalongkorn Hospital – largest and oldest in Thailand – a teaching University Hospital too.  Don’t know exactly what but will find out later this week – something I can manage  (and I’m certain without needing help).

In addition, the meds are another problem – just checking on the ones the last Dr. gave me until my appointment on the 17th.    Apolets for example , a generic anticlotting medicine, costs about 1000 Baht for a months supply which was prescribed for me at Chiang Mai hospital  – verses  Effient ( a free sample was given me to try – newer and much more effective at lower doses – but hold on to your seats – I fell off mine again) – Effient is priced at  6,000 B/30 day supply – and this is from cheap mail-order catalogs – I don’t  know what BKK Pattaya hospital’s pricing is, but you can bet your ass it’s not any lower  —  again over the top for greedy Drug companies.   Thailand saw this as a problem for their population who are mostly poor farmers so locally making generic replacements available was a necessity – so many of these generics are available in Thailand for Thai’s incomes –  I want to start out on this road  – not the expensive “Medical tourist/Insurance“  high road.

The problem with this shit is once you start on it you have to stay one it from then on or complications can arise.   So on Thurday 17th  I will discuss in detail the on-going cost for these non-generic  recommended solutions as apposed to Thai generic solutions.  At least I’m learning and hope anyone reading this can be prepared if they need these services.  I don’t think there is any better reason for having this blog.

So I’m blowing off a little steam – but keeping the BP down – and still putting it all in God’s hands – just doing the footwork.   By the way, my BP is down to 130-140, even after a 30 min morning walk around the complex.   Still some fear about the surgery, but I do have a friend who will come down and be with me at the hospital -  Ahhhh what will tomorrow bring.   But thanks for being there for me, without your prayers and help I wouldn’t have made it this far.

but here’s a great shot from yesterday at the water skiing   -    P.S. Not Dan


Lakeland Water Cable Ski–Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

As I have always said – Photography is the only hobby you can take to any other hobby and have a great time.              He went water skiing, I went shooting. _MG_0342 

I have no desire to try Cable Water Skiing, yet I spent a great 2 hrs. with a friend, Dan, at Lakeland.  Located off Sukhumvit Hwy, between Soi 98 and Chaiyaphruek 2 Rd. – easy to get to and offers an exciting day for all._MG_0555-Edit

And the Gallery Slideshow


One from the past

Sawadee Khrap

Just staying in my condo – resting, taking medicine for BP, and playing on the computer. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have my operation in 2 weeks at the BKK Gov’t hospital – In the meantime, I am going back through my files and seeing if some new techniques would enhance some of the images.

Here’s one from the past when I was in Chiang Mai – Hope _MG_4606you enjoy.   I’ll be looking for others – so stay tuned.   I just love the white shorts !


Cute Lego Photoshop Technique


Here’s a Photoshop technique from Blue Lightning TV to make an image look like it was made using Lego bricks  –  very hard to choose one that will allow the brick pattern to show all the defining lines in the photo.   Didn’t work too bad in this case – I think the most important lines are still visible, for example his ass,  and the picture as a whole has good overall definition when viewed from a distance. I didn’t crop it exactly – just a test.


Jomtien Scuba Diving

Sawadee Khrap

Nicky Scube DivingHere’s a great article from Nicky’s Gay Thailand, In his latest version of the news letter. Jomtien Dive Center Scuba diving,    I’ve never tried it and right now I don’t have any more info – but it does sound exciting and another thing to do in Pattaya.  Check out the story and see if it is something you want to try.    Thanks Nicky.


New Photoshop images

Sawadee Khrap

Several years ago, Brian, a friend in Chiang Mai, took this great image of a couple – “ladyboy and  friend”.  I thought I’d try my hand in watercolors and this is the result.IMG_3918-Edit   Provocative don’t you think?  I think I’ll try this technique on several more images and post them as time goes by.    Thanks Brian –

And here’s a basket-weave technique I also thought was interesting.  Cute boy too.


Incorporating this technique and warping it around a basket in a scene would make a very unique image,  Maybe I could create something like those Greek vases with the boys having fun pictured on them – I should try that and see what happens.   What do you think?