Berlin “Carnival of Cultures”

Max from Berlin sent me these photos of the “Carnival of Cultures”  and his byline:

B 09 Carneval (1)

“We had a very colourful weekend here in Berlin!!

so, this months will bring much more street-party’s and gay-parades ‘CSD’ in the life-full city Berlin:))

see some nice pic’s, also from the Thai-community here in Berlin, with there traditional costumes, only one group among 135 other groups from different cultures. More than 600 000 looked on this 4 h parade in ‘Kreuzberg’, a district from Berlin, with many students, artists and different nationalities.

since 14 years always on a public- and Christian- holiday,

this parade of “ the carnival of cultures” goes on for 4 days until very late nights.
I enjoy it very much, this swinging relaxed atmosphare.”

Here’s the —— Slideshow –—-