Return to Kuang Jaw Shan Refugee Camp

Sawadee Khrap

We just got back from a return visit to the Kuang Jaw Shan Refugee Camp.  That is the correct name (see prior post labeled Tak Lang)  Tak Lang is the small village next to the camp – so now I have it named right,

I have a lot of pictures so I thought I would first show some shots of the people we meet and then next post will be on the party, followed by the Moun-Ju-Kour Resort where we stayed and later the visit to Srisangwan Waterfall.

Musur ladies First, before we arrived at the camp we passed these lovely ladies on the road – I think they are from the Musur tribe. I’ll check on that to make sure.

The rest of these shots were taken at the camp.  We got there early so we could see the kids reactions when Michael’s group of troubadours, volunteers from


the Chiang Mai area arrived to entertain the children.  I don’t have everyones name but this is a shot where they were talking to the Monk and the Camp leader(seated right).

Throughout the day we meet a lot of great kids and parents – some of which I thought were special enough to show here – Please check out the  *SLIDESHOW* for more.

SaiooeJornHere is shots of Saiooe and Jorn – these young men, residents of the camp, are also students at Chiang Mai University and luckily were home today.  Saiooe has written a essay about his life before and at the camp and when everything is completed he will allow me to post it here – 

birth defectbadly burned boy To the left is a boy in camp with a birth defect who escaped with his grandmother – the other boy standing with John was badly burnt while trying to escape from the Burmese army – nature and man can be very cruel – but here at the camp both boys are accepted and considered equal – there’s a lot more love and tolerance when all share the same problems . I don’t want to put any names here for their safety – there is still a shaky truce at the border – and we were just steps away.  Old Man

Old Lady And  ain’t these classic shots – the old man was I think the oldest person in the camp – we visited his house that last time I was here – see the post  – and one of Michael’s group brought a set of hearing aids and gave them to him – first time he has heard in a long time – Boy did he love to talk now – but in Burmese and we couldn’t understand anything he said. ——–

CRW_6605 It started to rain and we ducked under a roof of this lady’s house and she invited us in – low and behold in a mostly Buddhist camp here was a Christian family.  What a surprise.








living roomYou can see Jesus’s picture in the niche in their living room – and what a gracious hosts she was. 

And last but not least here is one of the children’s toys – the rhinoceros beetles – not sure what to call them – toys or pets , but the kids loved to watch them fight –



The little one is the female.

Well – enjoy the


I will get names and post a future article with names and more detail – today just the photos.