Safe in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

All the turmoil in Bangkok  – but Chiang Mai is a peaceful as ever.  No  noticeable problems here – I do hope that they can resolve the Government problem and get back to normal, or as close to normal as can be expected in Thailand.

One thing I am watching closely is the value of the Baht – it had been losing value and that is good for my pocketbook – I just hope we can return to the 40 Baht/dollar – get me back to where I was when I first got here.  I am just getting acclimated to living on a fixed income and the drop in the dollar and rise of the Baht really hurt.

I haven’t done any pictures in over a month and so I am going to start getting out and develop some shots to show.  I thought I would get some shots of the lovely young after school boys who swim in the City Moat – and then I plan to visit some of our friends new businesses like “Note’s” restaurant and “Tree’s” new massage Spa and show the staffs – great looking boys to be ready to service your every needs at their establishments.

We haven’t done any trips lately – Nu in school all week and it seems the weekends have always been full – Gonn’a take some time off to to travel again – promise

Haven’t found a house yet – checking out at least 4–5 a week – but none have satisfied my most pressing need – a room big enough to make a photo studio is paramount.  But I know we will find what we need – yard for a dog and garden with waterfall, studio, western kitchen, some security beyond dog, light and airy.  That should do it  – suggested rent will be about 12–18,000 Baht/mo  or about $500 US/mo   not bad.

Anyway  – life in “Amazing Thailand” is still the greatest – My new addiction – CamFrog – is an eye candy dream come true – and with it I have already lined up several great models for the new studio, if it ever gets completed – I can’t wait.

Our friend Michael, from the States, has finally relocated to Bali, I know he is setting up house now and will be back on line shortly “Cintaboo”– And David in London has recovered from his computer meltdown with a new machine and will back in the blogging business soon “WestAsian”.  Look at their links to get up to date.

Well Ciao for now  – stay tuned – pictures to follow.