Life goes on

Sawadee Khrap

Many have asked, since my post of Aug 21th, how is Nu doing? .  Nu’s problem was deeper than we thought and he’s going to require a lot of supervised care.  A lot more care than I can offer. 

He has gone to live with his parents in Southern Thailand and I’m hoping he will enter into a facility or hospital where he can get the expert help he needs. The doctors, he was seeing here, expect that will take a long time and may continue to be a pressing problem. It was impossible to get that kind of care living here and he did not want to be admitted to the local hospital – so returning to his home town and his parents appears to be the best solution for both of us. 

Thank God he’s a young man and hopefully within the next few years he can get this problem under control and lead a normal life. I hope you’ll join me in prayer for him.