Miss Tiffany Queen 2008

Sawadee Khrap

Here is Nu’s dream – to be “Miss Tiffany” – or at least to be able to be a contestant – he has to be 18 or older so he will have to wait till then – but as you can see by some of my earlier posts he may stand a chance of doing good.

171208_out01This year “Nong Poyd”  Treechada Malayaporn was crowned Miss Tiffany Queen 2008 in Pattaya  – Here’s the Bangkok Post article.

One thing about her that impressed me  immediately is that she is what I would say is “natural”  – not like the typical “katoey” you will find on the streets.

When Nu was in Puket, he did meet her.  Now she is Miss Tiffany – maybe he can too one day –

I’ll see if I can find additional pictures or links and add them here for you to check out.





Cable Down – Wisdom out – Democrats in

Sawadee Khrap

Just a clip from Thai-Visa.

Thank God it isn’t the cable to the States – so I still have connections, abet slower now.  It was slow before so this can be really annoying especially in the rush hours  – 8–9 AM and 4–6 PM as they route all traffic through the US cable.  They say until the New Year it could remain cut.


Anyway – Nu just had a wisdom tooth removed last night – so needless to say he is in a lot of pain today – we have ice packs on his jaw to reduce the swelling and a lot of Paracetamol.  The antibiotics are helping too.  Cost – can you believe, 2,300 Baht – $67 US – oral surgery, drugs and extraction (1 hr.) – complete with followup.

Sadly, We won’t be at the concert we were planning to film and Phillip’s party which we were set to attend later in the evening tonight, but we will be able to attend and enjoy the special Christmas dinner at Tusker’s Bar and Grill on Christmas Day.  So we are looking forward to that.


C1_8378Bangkok Post – And it also appears we may finally have some political stability here in Thailand – appears, but not certain – but a good start at least – time will tell on this.  I really wish them the best of luck – and a Great New Year of stability and change – closer to that “Justice for All” idea.