Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, I’ve been busy this week – not any time to post, or at least I was waiting to post with some new photos – but didn’t get them processed yet.

I have started to teach some of the monks at Wat Suan Dok about web programming.  Helping them understand HTML and how to write simple code to put up their web page.  We have gotten together at Monk Chat and discussed code and planning a page.  It’s really nice showing them how to do it.

I think next week there will be a caravan of people going to see the 1 Baht school and bring their donations – this coming Saturday will be the next Expat meeting and I am going to be there to gather the donations collected for the School and area. – I hope it will be a good turn-out.  I did get my picture in the Chiang Mai Mail mag  – but it doesn’t say that I gave the talk on the school project – what the hell – at least my picture is in the article.

Well this is just a update – Things should slow down after this weekend.