Please meet Notto

Sawadee Khrap


Pattaya can be a very lonely place if you visit here alone.  I was very lucky to meet “Notto” in Jomtien on the next to the last day of his visit to Pattaya – He had came by himself from Udon Thani for a weeks holiday before the school year starts again.  He had already seen the Jomtien Tower, Walking Street, before we meet at Jomtien beach.IMG_2243

     He mentioned that being here alone was not as exciting as he thought it would be – nor did he know any of the sites to see other than the common tourist ones – so I suggested the Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant at the Birds and Bees Resort  – Here’s a couple of shots as we went for lunch and a stroll on the beach there.  – embellished a little –Devil   I wish we’d had the time so I could have shown him Sai Kaew beach but he didn’t because of his flight home – so we had to settle for lunch -  then got him a taxi to go to the airport – He said he was planning on a visit later in the year and would let me know so we could plan a better itinerary for his next visit  – and get to see Nong Nooch, Tiffany’s Cabaret Show, and some of the other great sites here – Pattaya is more than just the beach.  Safe trip home – Sawadee Pee Mai – Notto