Watch what you eat !

Sawadee Khrap

What a eye-opener – for the last 2 weeks my blood pressure soared to the 190-200 level.   Went to the doctor and made several attempts to get it down – but to no avail – Damn – looks like a operation is in my future.   He did question whether I was watching my salt intake – I was limiting my diet to eating only fish with stirred fried kale and salads.  ???  healthy I thought.   But he put me on a sodium reduction diuretic and an additional blood pressure pill and finally some relief.    But I really had to take a look at what I was eating:   

  1. My healthy fish – it’s coated and fried in a sesame batter – actually contains a high percentage of salt in the batter
  2. Stirred-fried kale – this was fried in oyster sauce – again lots of salt.
  3. Greek salads – I was buying them at a restaurant and in checking I find they were using a commercial seasoning with MSG – again lots of salt. 

Wow, no wonder.  What I thought was healthy was definitely not and I paid the price.   Blood Pressure over the top. So for the last couple of days I’ve stopped these meals and now eat only specially prepared fried rice with vegetables and chicken and my oatmeal for breakfast.  Success.

Must have gotten up 6 times to pee at night –  but about 3AM this morning I felt the pressure start dropping – 150/70 this morning, coming down. Hopefully back to normal soon.  Got’ta drink lots of water, diuretics really dehydrate you – and that can cause symptoms like high BP – tinnitus, headaches, and light-headedness.  But soon I should be back on my regular regiment of Meds –  BUT in the future, closer control of my food intake.   Operation averted, at least for now.