TukTuk driver – Chiang Mai – trustworthy

Sawadee Khrap

Need a TukTuk driver you can trust?    Honest, dedicated, speaks English – that’s “Asue” .   Chiang Mai, day and evenings.


    You can reach him at  080-133-4524

Here’s his photo:    Give him a call and know you are in safe hands.

However from April 24-30 he will be out of town – after that back on duty – call, leave message and he will get back to you if he is busy.



Songkran–2012–ThapPhraya Rd. Jomtien

Sawadee Khrap

Staying inside this day – don’t want to get wet or covered with powder. 

Pattaya 2012 Songkran on ThapPhraya Rd in Jomtien

But here is a short clip out my window of the mayhem.   It will go on for the rest of the day.  Chuay stopped by and went to Jomtien Complex to throw water at his bar and celebrate with them – coming back later and then we will go to dinner. HAPPY SONGKRAN.


Drawing, painting, photo collage

Sawadee Khrap


Here’ a new format, combined line drawing, painting and photo – This is Nai, check out a earlier post of a trip we took to Sattahip  – I really like this effect, interesting – what do you think?  I am going to refine this technique and make the brush strokes more pronounced and paint smear colors match shades in the photo more closely. I also need to increase the paper texture in the face area. But I think it’s a good start  – your comments ????


Amazing PS CS5 and Vertus Fluid Mask

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a quick example of the power of Photoshop CS5 healing brush to remove the fencing and then using a great filter – Vertus Fluid Mask to isolate the monkey for a collage.IMG_1668  This is one of my shots from my Vietnam trip.        First remove the fence using the spot healing brush – so easy to do.

IMG_1668-EditThen extract the monkey – CS5’s refine edge just couldn’t do it, but Vertus was so easy – I first made a selection around the monkey to limit the colors  and then used the filter to refine the edges – amazing.  And here’s the result :



This is the first time I used Vertus and really find it exciting – It will allow me to do much better extraction – particularly hair – I am not sure if you can see it in this small post but the extraction is extremely good showing even the little hairs on the monkey.

I wish I had a better background, like a basketball hoop or a game photo that I could put the monkey in as if he had stolen the ball –  I am going to look for one I could use and hope to post it later.  I also did not put in shadows or adjusted the lighting in this collage, just wanted to show what can be done.   Anyway this really shows the power and how easily photos can be altered.


First green–now Red

Sawadee Khrap


Pond looks great with his green hair and today Kay stopped by to show off his new red hairdo – FASHION – it’s the craze here.

But you gott’a admit these guy look stunning.  If you were looking for some reason to visit Pattaya – here are 2 suggestions  Red or Green – drop by Sunee and see the live version, you won’t be disappointed. 

A little more editing – Presenting Pond

Sawadee Khrap


Here’s the latest shot of Pond – Much better than the first ones – I am getting better – slowly but steady – it’s hard to teach a old dog new tricks and I jump too fast to post images before I really put a lot of effort into editing them.  These guys are soooooo cute, I love spending time with them and hope you enjoy these images too.


Crazy Pub–great watering hole

Sawadee Khrap

When you come to Pattaya, make sure you visit Sunee Plaza and especially “The Crazy Pub”.  Here’s Pond, one of the staff.



You can’t miss him – green hair and all – what a great young man.

  Stop by and say hello – I’m sure you will get a warm welcome.

Pond stopped by this afternoon for a little photo shoot – agreed I could post this one and promised to come back later  – after Songkran – to take a little more time and get some super poses and exciting shots.


Well off to the beach to finish my day – water throwing is in full swing – but it should be minimal between here and Jomtien Complex, where I will meet up with Don, Degs and the other guys to spend a little time seeing what the boys are up to and how they intend to spend Songkran – expect a little water, so wallet and phone go into plastic bags for protection.


More View Talay photos

Sawadee Khrap


Thought I’d show you what my swimming pool looks like – and here is also a better view from my balcony – better clouds –



Getting ready for Songkran, I hear that it can get very intense out there – throwing water and general celebration – but Brian says this was his favorite time of year in Pattaya – the boys at Jomtien Complex would line up and offer kisses to the guys walking through – sounds sweet.  I am trying to sell my Canon 350D and would use that money to get a Canon G12 – great small camera and one I could carry to get more personal shots during Songkran.  I am afraid to take my D7 into the water-throwing crowd – too much to lose for some shots.  We’ll see.