Back from Pattaya–Operation set

Sawadee Khrap

Took a trip to Pattaya with a Chiang Mai friend  – Jack  –  so I could go to the doctor in BKK  Siriraj Hospital and see about setting up the  dual stent operation. – I thought I would have at least 2-3 months waiting period but they booked it in 2 weeks  – May 7th. not even time for me to get all worked up.    Don, who lives in Pattaya, said he will go with me Saturday and Charlie will visit me in the hospital on Sunday – booked a private room in the hospital for the operation – it has a TV and sleeping room for guests.  Estimated maximum cost expected is only 300,000 Baht.  $8,500

IMG_4453we drove down in the Vitara and it performed beautifully, at IMG_4452Pattaya we booked into the “Longstay Hotel” – in the heart of  the Jomtien Beach area – very nice accommodations – 750 night and extremely convenient to everything here. 

IMG_4444HPIM1858-2We arrived on the last day of Songkran and drove into the thick of the water throwing along the Sukhumvit Hwy.   I did get to show Jack some of the local sites but he had no problem IMG_4448finding his own way and I think he is now planning one moving there – LOL.      The Gay Candy Store.     We took time to visited  Khao Chee Chan and surrounding area and very close  new attraction they are building – some kind of upside down and other cartoonish houses.

On the way back home we stopped at Sukhothai Historical Park and got some new shots of that area. We got there about 9AM and missed the tourist – great to almost have the place to ourselves to walk around.IMG_4470-PanoIMG_4463IMG_4479

Not too many photos – worried about the operation – will post after next week and see how everything is going.