Sawadee Khrap

This morning I awoke feeling a real loss – I could not make my daily call to my Mother.  I have been making daily calls for the last few months and just got back from a visit to the US to see her before she passed away.  She was 93.  My Father had passed away in 1983, right at the time I sobered up – now my Mother.MomDad-web  Every day I see in my actions and attitudes the lessons my parents taught me – the core values they lived and demonstrated  assured that ‘when I was ready’   I would have all the necessary tools to live a productive and rewarding life.  Integrity, a thirst for knowledge, with self assurance – winning attributes they showed me how to develop.

I say “when I was ready” because I did battle with addiction/alcoholism – but they both were there if and when I needed them.   I wish I had been there more for them.  Only in their passing, have I fully realized the powerful footing they gave me – Every day I discover that I say, or act exactly as they had taught me – I can hear their voice or picture their actions and I thank God that guidance will always be available.   RIP.    Love Frank