Songkran on again – “Strange Snow”

Sawadee Khrap

Well, seems like everything is back in order for a while – Songkran has been extended till Friday to make up for the loss due to the riots.  I will go down tomorrow to the Central Shopping Center to get some shots of the fun “sanuk” being had by all.

I don’t want to get into Thai politics and want to make sure this blog is concerning living, enjoying and helping farangs living in or planning to come to Thailand  – not a soap box for any group, even a gay cause.  But if it turns sour for the local gay community I will post about it when I move out, till then I will keep you posted on gay and other happenings in the Chiang Mai area – Check out BBC and CNN for the latest news.


Strange_snow0741Strange_snowlow0732Nu is preparing a DVD of The Gate Theater Group – “Strange Snow” by Stephen Metcalfe, Directed by Stephan Turner.  He taped it last Friday night and is now editing the DVD, maybe a short clip if we can set it up for the Blog.  The plot: 

“Strange snow falls on two young Vietnam veterans as they reunite for a fishing trip to make good on a long lost promise to an old friend. It’s dawn on Opening Day and Megs shows up at his buddy David’s house only to encounter David’s shy, plain sister Martha. Megs’ larger-than-life nature coaxes Martha out of her shell and into his heart. His mere presence, however, brings up painful memories of Vietnam for David, whose method of coping so far has been to drink too much and talk as little as possible.”

I’ll keep you up to date.


P.S.  Seems the Rainy season is starting early = nice cooling effect, love it.