Controversy over Ravi Zacharias

Sawadee Khrap

I cannot, or will not,  judge but I can make some observations. 

What I see happening, principally in the religious arena , is advocating the removal and condemnation of Ravi’s  videos, teachings, and ultimately his name, because of the sexual acts he is accused of doing.  Amazing Hypocrisy !!!!

If the Bible is their authority then they should immediately throw it out..  For most of the Christian theologies are focused on the teaching of Paul and he was a WOMENIZER and openly admitted it.   They seem to have forgotten that when a women, who was caught and accused of adultery,  was brought before Jesus he DID NOT CONDEMN HER but instead asked  “Whoever among you is without sin throw the first stone.”   Condemn the act – not the character.   Doesn’t this teaching apply here?

Jesus, not Paul,  further taught that ‘Do not judge,  leased you be judged’ .  And ‘Remove the beam from your eye before trying the remove the splinter from your brothers’ eye’.   “All men have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God”

As for the life of Ravi, this is the story,  of a man,  in the dream of separation from God.   The character, Ravi, was in Hell, lived in Hell, and will forever exist in the illusion or dream of Hell.  HOWEVER, the SOUL that in a schizophrenic state of mind, dreamed it was in a body, named Ravi, and separated from God, was always, IS now,  and will forever be in Heaven, ‘ONE’ with God, the only SOURCE of LIFE.    As Jesus cried out on the cross:  “Father forgive them,  they know not what they do.”

And now for the hardest part of the equation, the victim.     FORGIVENESS is the key to the Kingdom of God.    This world IS the dream or ILLUSION of victims and perpetrators.  Be it mental, physical or spiritual abuse, we are all victims and yet we are also the perpetrators.   In this case,  it’s a sexual attacker, but in life it can be a disease, perhaps a virus – does it really make a difference what attacks us?   Jesus told us to pray for our enemies.   It is our belief that maintains the illusion by our desire to judge, hence condemn.  When we judge, we become both jailor and convict and are trapped in the dream of specialness.    Leave ALL  judgement to the Holy Spirit,  forgive and find peace.

God Blesses   Christ Blesses        I Bless