Following Jesus

Sawadee Khrap

One thing is becoming very clear – Following Jesus is relying on a personal relationship with “Christ” – this to me means that my dependence on Christ is direct and not through any 3rd party, church or anyone else telling me that they know the way or this is what He said and meant.

If I truly believe that Jesus is my guide and is always there to help me, then anything I examine and honestly meditate on,  asking for guidance – that truth will be reveled to me.

One criteria that must be  apparent with any insights, guidance, or revelations is that – “True is always True”.   if it is false, at ANY time, it is False all the time.    Therefore if there is ANY exception, in the past, present, or future, then it’s FALSE.  If it needs ANY defense, it’s FALSE.   Jesus WAS the TRUTH and the LIGHT and spoke only the TRUTH.

More and more ancient scrolls, books, scriptures, papers and myths are coming to light.  In my earlier spiritual walk I depended on others to tell me the way, NOW I have but ONE GUIDE “Christ”.   I am amazed about how clear the answers come,  not in my time, but they do come if I but leave myself open to receiving them.

Nice meditative walk this morning – lots of questions – no answers yet, perhaps tonight or tomorrow.  But I am confident that they will come – loud and clear.

With all LOVE,       Ciao.