Thailand’s future

Sawadee Khrap

Well, we are waiting to see what will be the decision of the Court and what Thailand’s future may hold.  In 2 1/2 hr from now the Court will announce it’s decision.  I intend to stay close to the house and wait and see.  What a important time to be here and see where the country is going  – will they uphold Democracy and start to find ways to clear out the old-corruption, or will business just go on as usual. ——

Here are some good references to check out if you are interested.

Bangkok Post

The Nation

I think there will be a lot of coverage on CNN and BBC too.



R U Using PhotoShop – CS2, CS3 ????

Sawadee Khrap

I just found the best site for excellent PhotoShop actions.  Here you can find  *Free* actions for all kinds of exotic frames and designs, puzzles, Rubik’s-cubes, borders, 3D, boxes and so on.  And they also offer professional commercial versions with almost unlimited modification capabilities.  The best site I’ve found.


 Check them out !     I’ve been learning how to use them so haven’t been posting lately –  look for some new interesting images in the future.  I intend toi put them to use.


Bloggy the Bear ???????

Question of the year – “Who is sleeping with Bloggy the Bear?”

A friend of ours, David in London has a rather erotic gay blog site and a mascot called Bloggy the Bear and he sent me this puzzle to try and solve.  But I found that some of the pieces were missing and this is as far as I could get.



I guess if we want to know who is Bloggy’s friend then we will just have to go to his web site to find out the answer.

A little PhotoShop trickery –


Thanks for the comments

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks everyone for leaving your comments – I get a report of links to the website and where they are from, so far I have had hits from about every country out there but few comments.  I really appreciate them and it is they that keep me running the blog each day.

I also see that several people have been regulars at the ACIM category and daily Lessons —– It would be neat if comments were added as to what affect you think each lesson has in your life.  Making the connection alive. 

Thanks again for everyone who commented – Please don’t stop.



Sawadee Khrap

Well, We just had – or I should say I just felt – my first earthquake in Chiang Mai.  3:55 PM and it really rocked the building.  I can hear the sirens outside now maybe responding to some damage  done by it.  It really shook and swayed for about 15 sec and moved the chair I was sitting in using the computer.  I’ll find out more and post it when the data comes in.



Update at 4:35 PM : It was in Laos and 6.1 here is the report, isn’t the Internet wonderful, such instant news Laos Earthquake


Cold’s gone – Storms not

Sawadee Khrap

Finally over my cold, that was a mean one.  Took a lot of Thera-Flu.  I am so glad that I had a friend bring over several boxes with him when he came to visit  – I cannot find this product on any drug store shelves and ordering it is impossible here.  Thanks John.


Here’s a panoramic view of the storm cloud I showed last time – you can really see how strong it was here – since the start of the monsoon season began much earlier this year so we don’t know what to expect.  Today it’s just drizzle.Tomorrow – God knows

Tasanai has signed up for extended schooling and will begin next month to go for his prep for University.  This will take  1 1/2 year but worth it – make him more competitive in the future.

This weekend we will have another photo shoot with the model I showed a post back.  These will be done at a friend’s gorgeous apartment here in our Condo.  A specific session focusing on capturing the erotic nature of the Thai male body.  Should be fun – I really look forward to it 

Later gator !

Chiang Mai Storm

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s what our monsoon storms look like as they approach Chiang Mai – this is a shot from our balcony facing South –  First they are hitting Lampang and the currents are now causing the storms to go further North encompassing Chiang Mai.


This was about 4 PM yesterday – and rained till about 11 PM –

Tasanai was stuck in Lampang until the raining stopped there and then he caught a bus back home.

Here is also a link to the Weather Report for the

storm tracking service 

Interesting but it looks like Chiang Mai is going to be fight in the path of storms for a while now –  

Still haven’t gotten over my cold – so this is brief.



Well we wanted rain – didn’t we

Sawadee Khrap

We asked for rain and now we got it – a monsoon a month early, global warming ????

In any event it is really starting to rain – heavy overcast here in Chiang Mai but heavy, heavy rain in Lampang and most of Thailand now – severe flooding in the South and around Bangkok, severe winds in Mae Hong Song and flooding expected there too.

2 years ago it flooded in Chiang Mai 3 times – major floods – looks like this year might be a repeat.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will go to Lampang for a gathering for the 100th day since the death and cremation of Tasanai’s Uncle.  Service in the morning and then party in the afternoon and on into the evening – Tasanai will stay until Sunday and take a bus back – I plan on leaving Sat “early” afternoon – make an appearance for the family and have lunch and go back to Chiang Mai.

Last Thursday we started shooting our first model for gThaiStudio and I’m checking out the photos now – 


He’s from North of Chiang Mai and very, very cute – 21 – here’s a sample shot when we went to Doi Suthep – he hadn’t seen Chiang Mai before so we did a little tour – and aren’t the little tribal girls cute too.

We have some great shots of him in traditional Lanna style dress and without

Maybe I can put in some teaser here to show you what the new site will have – ???????    let’s hear your comments.