Sauna days in Pattaya–Nong Nooch Garden

Sawadee Khrap

When I first moved here the realtor told me of the sauna-like humid hot season that would come – so far I thought I had endured the hottest weather so far  – but lately, and I will assume until the cool season, I am in the SAUNA SEASON – almost 1 1/2 months of temps about 88F/30C with 100% humidly, rainy season at 90F —- but it does cool down a little during the night.   Chiang Mai wasn’t this bad – rainy season at 75F – tolerable at least.

And to top it off I just went to renew  my driver’s license and they had me watch a movie right in front of the A/C – left with a sever sore throat.  Now I have a nasty cold, head plugged up, coughing, nose running and I am sweating like a pig all day.  Life in Pattaya has taken another turn.  Cool season not until Nov.

Tai, my friend from Vietnam, is here for a short visit and yesterday we went out to see Image0001Nong Nooch Gardens.   A local tourist trap, but worth a one-time visit – designed mostly for the kids.  We didn’t stay to see the Elephant or Cultural shows – too hot and sweaty, but did take these images for the 

***** SLIDESHOW *****

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