Off to School – both of us

Sawadee Khrap

Nu going to school

Here’s a shot of Nu, (actually he likes to spell it New, but he pronounces it as Nu, so I use Nu here) going to school. We now have to get up a 6 AM and he leaves about 7:30.  The school will shut it’s gates at 8 AM and send anyone home that’s late.    Strict on attendance and drugs.  This is his third day, 1st lasted till 2 PM, yesterday went till 4:30 before he got back.

So far he loves it, his class has 30 students, 4 ladyboys and 10 gay boys 4 straights boys – he didn’t mention how many lesbians make up the girls portion.    Much different than the class would have been if he went to the other school in Mae Teang. 

I’m going today to sign up for volunteer work  with the “Chiang Mai Friends Group” teaching English at Chiang Mai Municipality Office – they have over 100 employees who wish to learn English.  The new Chiang Mai City Mayor has requested, through the Expats Club and the Chiang Mai Friends Group, volunteer assistance training her staff and I can’t think of a better way to contribute to now “My” city and to bind the relationship of retired farangs and City Officials. That will take up my Thursdays.

Boong, a friend of ours, started the Chiang Mai Friends Group and runs “Boutique Travel Service” in town.  She also hosts the “Retire in Chiang Mai” website – check it out and/or planning a trip to Chiang Mai, give her a call.

So with Sunday and Wednesdays at Monk Chat and ACIM meetings and now Thursdays at the City– you can see it’s easy to find things to do – retirement is not just setting around waiting to die – or at least I won’t let it become that   since I can’t raise   ha ha.



One thought on “Off to School – both of us”

  1. Frank, Nu looks very smart there. Glad he’s enjoying his new School.

    Good to hear about your teaching English classes, but can you do that without having any knowledge of the Thai language?

    Thanks – I’m just going to help them with the English they already know – kinda informal, not a “Teaching” – class style. Just talk with them and correct their use of English – should be fun.

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