Tack Sharp

Sawadee Khrap


Got a DSLR camera – looking for “tack sharp” images ?    This book is a must – I just learned how to get images that I have had trouble with trying to focus for the last 3 years – his techniques are great and he fully explains how to set up your camera’s special features to INSURE Tack Sharp Images.  Amazing – just tried out his settings at Lakeland Water Cable – Pattaya and “0’ed ” in on these moving shots with ease.  This was just a test run so I now have my camera setup and will go back to get some great images in a few days – just a sample here._MG_4599   Sorry don’t know who the skiers were.   Just some quick shots to check the _MG_4494procedure and then back to the computer to confirm the focus – next time I will spend more time and get some better shots of the guys – promise