Sawadee Khrap

Just installed StatCounter and really pleased – does a great job of tracking the sites traffic – great detail – and IT’S FREE. It only allows a log for the last 100 guests max but that can be increased with a purchase plan and I think it’s reasonable (although I haven’t yet compared it to other pay counters). Now I can see how many countries the site is reaching and what pages they are stopping at – using this I should be able to adjust the site for better presentation.

Check it out for your site.

Graffiti – Though I left it in San Francisco

Sawadee Khrap

Thought I left graffiti as I new it in San Francisco. I have several images in the Gallery and at one time I intended to canvas San Francisco, particularly in the “Tenderloin” and keep for posterity – now I find it follows me.  Here are some shots taken near Chiang Mai University.  Now you know there must be students from the US here – at first I though it was Thai graffiti but check it out.